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Unlock Revenue Success with Corefactors: Tailored Solutions for Every Team

Break silos between your revenue-generating teams: sales, marketing, support, and customer success. Delight with powerful automation, inbuilt telephony, and integrated communication.

Corefactors AI Powered CRM

Sales Force Automations

Boosts sales team productivity and efficiency by minimizing manual work and leveraging advanced automations to reduce lead and revenue leakages.

Marketing Automations

Empower marketing team to run targeted campaigns with personalized and contextualized messages to drive better results.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Enhance customer experience by being accessible and available 24*7 across multiple channels and resolving their queries on time.

Customer Success Management

Focus on customer loyalty and building long-term relationships. Get a 360° view of customers journey, business, and teams. Discover what works and what doesn't.

Sales Force Automations and Lead Management

Maximize sales efficiency with advanced sales insights, integrated communication, and powerful automation.

Lead Management

Auto capture, routing & assignment, duplicate management, segmentation, scoring, qualification, tracking, and management.

Multichannel Engagement

Inbuilt telephony for outbound and incoming calls, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Implement automated workflows and personalized communication to nurture leads at various stages of the buying cycle.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile CRM app with Geo-tagging and attendance system to improvise field activities.

Analytics and Reporting

Track revenue, conversion rate, pipeline, lead stage
progression, team productivity, team performance, and more.

Multichannel Marketing Automation

Generate leads as well as keep your prospects and customer engaged through personalized content at scale.

  • Segment customers and deliver targeted campaigns
  • Implement email, SMS and WhatsApp sequence
  • Design landing pages in no time and no code, just drag & drop
  • Create, store and retrieve marketing content templates
  • Gain valuable insights through campaign reports
Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Ticketing System for Customer Support

Handle customer queries on time, keep them engage and build ever lasting relationships.

  • Multi-channel ticketing system
  • Manage multiple SLAs
  • 360° view of customer
  • Track key KPIs like response time, resolution time, agent performance and productivity
Customer Support

Customer Success Management

Get a 360° view of customers journey, business, and teams. Identify failures and successes. Retain more customers and foster loyalty.

  • Integrates with your accounting system and track transactions
  • Automates renewal and related communications
  • Track recurring revenue & outstanding Balance
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and track critical feedback
  • Stay on top of high value accounts

Reduce Revenue Leakages: Unleash Team Potential

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Why choose Corefactors?

Our all-in-one CRM suite is crafted to empower your revenue-generating teams with tailored solutions designed for success. It unifies marketing, sales, support, and success teams, eliminating silos and driving common revenue goals. With essential features, customization, and simplicity, it's your partner for sustainable growth.

RevOps-Enabling Platform

Say goodbye to siloed departments and disjointed efforts. Corefactors CRM fosters seamless collaboration, streamlined processes, and accelerated growth.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Whether it's tweaking settings on your own or collaborating with our expert product team for complex customization, the power is in your hands with Corefactors.

Simple and Effective

We believe in simplicity with impact. Corefactors CRM is stripped of unnecessary complexities, focusing solely on essential features that drive automation and results.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We prioritize affordability, offering robust features at budget-friendly prices. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, we have got you covered with a range of cost-effective packages.

Additional tools to keep your team organized


Attendance Management

Track your team's attendance and optimize workforce efficiency.


Calendar Management

Effortlessly manage completed, in-progress, and upcoming tasks and meetings.


Files Storage

Securely store and access important files within the platform.

With Corefactors AI-Powered CRM, Save Up to INR 40,000/user/year

Only Sales and Marketing module is available. Need 3rd Party Integrations for Telephony and Customer Support





Customer Support




Separate module for Sales, Marketing and Customer available. Need 3rd Party Integrations for Telepphony.





Customer Support




All-in-one Integrated CRM suite for sales, marketing, customer support and customer success with inbuilt telephony

Sapling Package


Tree Package


Hear From Our Happy Customers

Thanks to Corefactors, reps from our loan documents scrutiny team, payment collection team, and customer support team are now effortlessly reaching 7,500 prospects per month, ensuring seamless customer interactions and contributing to our milestone of Rs. 555 Crore in disbursed loans.

Mr. Aniket Telecalling Head, HMPL Hindusthan Microfinance

The good part about Corefactors is that they are very modular, they accept the customer's problems, and they are ready to customize the CRM for the customer and that too at superfast pace. That's the Startup DNA that I like about Corefactors. They are always ready to solve problems and serve the customer.

Akash Gupta Co-Founder & CEO, ZYPP Electric Zypp Electric

I have had experience with bigger players in the CRM industry and one of the reasons we chose Corefactors is its excellent customer support. Being a technology-driven startup we require prompt issue resolution and support when using a new platform. Corefactors really stood out in this aspect.

Vikas Agrawal Founder & CEO, AIF & PMS Expert India AIF & PMS Expert India

We were facing serious difficulties in finding the right cost and work-effective CRM and we needed fast implementation. Corefactors helped us win over all the challenges related to building customer relationship. The ease of customization with Corefactors AI CRM to incorporate all required features to suite our business needs, astonished me.

Zuheb Shaikh AVP Contact Center, Ketto Ketto
Senthil Akash Nitin Zuheb

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A CRM software is a tool that helps businesses manage their relationships and interactions with both existing and potential customers.
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You need a CRM software to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service and support processes, resulting in improved efficiency, better customer relationships, and increased revenue.
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Sales, marketing, customer support teams, and businesses of all sizes and industries use CRM software to manage customer interactions and data.
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To choose the best CRM software for your business, consider factors such as your specific business needs, budget, scalability, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and customer support.
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Key features of a CRM software include contact management, sales pipeline management, lead scoring and automated lead assignment, task management, email marketing, reporting and analytics, workflow automation, and integration with other business tools.
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