Simplify fundraising and Maximize Impact

Complete Donor Management System

Customizable and Integrated donor management platform for nonprofit organization of all types and sizes. Streamline donor relationships with personalized campaigns, track campaigns, and maximize donations.

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Donor Management System

Donor Lifecycle Management

Elevate your fundraising campaigns with marketing automations

Reach your donors at right time with right message on right channel

Streamline Offline

  • Automatically capture, route and track interested donors to right agent by integrating your brand number with Corefactors and using smart IVR.

Run Personalized Online Campaigns

  • Segment donors using list manager and send personalized messages on email, SMS, and WhatsApp at scale using pre-created templates.

Automate Personalize Engagements

  • Send automated personalized messages to donors across lifecycle over Email, SMS, and WhatsApp using pre-defined triggers.

Optimize Donor Relationships for Maximum Impact

Make seamless communication with Fundraisers and Donors accross channels - call, SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

Smart IVR for inbound calls

Implement IVR with intelligent routing and handle incoming calls efficiently without missing or call drop. Get call log and recording in real time.

Automated and manual dialer

Connect with fundraisers and donors quickly and effortlessly using multiple options: click-to-call, automatic progressive dialler, and IP call using WebRTC.

SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Reach your fundraisers and donors on the platform of their choice. Send and track personalized messages at scale in real time.

Enhance Trust and Satisfaction

Resolve donor queries and support requests efficiently and effectively on multiple channels and improve satisfaction.

Donor relationship and support management

Multichannel Ticketing System

Manage and track support requests from various channels such as email, web forms, chat, phone, and social media.

Automated workflows

Implement automation rules and workflows to streamline ticket capture, routing, categorization & tagging, escalation, and resolution processes.

Time Tracking and Reporting

Track time spent on each ticket and generate reports to analyze ticket volume, response times, resolution rates, and agent performance.

Rich Analytics for Informed Decisions

Fundraising CRM dashboards

Powerful customizable dashboard and reports for you to derive insights into impact of each fundraising campaigns, and events, on real-time.

  • Insights on funds raised by different fundraisers, regions, agents, campaigns, events, etc.
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  • Agens performance and productivity tracking
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  • Deep telephony insights like when was a donor called first time, the last time, repeat calls, disabondoned calls and more.
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  • Call Report, call logs and call recordings
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  • Marketing campaign reports for engagement, responses, clicks, etc. for Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Missed call and so on

Additional tools to keep your team organized


Attendance Management

Track your team's attendance and optimize workforce efficiency.


Calendar Management

Effortlessly manage completed, in-progress, and upcoming tasks and meetings.


Files Storage

Securely store and access important files within the platform.

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Why our Donor Management System?

Customizable and

Unified platform for managing sales, marketing, appointment, and support operations efficiently and effectively.


Unified platform for managing sales, marketing, and support operations efficiently and effectively.

Budget Friendly

Excellent value for money. Helps you save INR 40,000 per user per year. Plus there are multiple flexible plans.

Dedicated training and support

We are committed and guarantee you for a dedicated personalized support throughout journey.

Seamless Integration & quick implementation

Save time and resources by integrating with your existing tools using APIs and get up and running in a span of week.

We were facing serious difficulties in finding the right cost and work-effective CRM and we needed fast implementation. Corefactors helped us win over all the challenges related to building customer relationship.

-Zuheb Sheikh, AVP of Ketto

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A donor management system is a comprehensive software solution designed to empower non-profit organizations in effectively managing and nurturing their donor relationships. It serves as a centralized platform for storing, organizing, and analyzing donor data, including contact information, donation history, communication preferences, and engagement activities.

Determining the "best" donor management software depends on various factors such as the specific needs and goals of your organization, budget constraints, user interface preferences, and desired features. While there are many excellent options available, one software may stand out for its intuitive user interface, robust features, and reputation for excellent customer support. However, it's crucial to thoroughly research and evaluate multiple options to find the best fit for your organization's unique requirements. Ultimately, the best donor management software is the one that seamlessly aligns with your organization's mission and empowers you to achieve your fundraising goals effectively.