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Customizable AI-powered CRM solution for lab service providers, medical equipment distributors, pharmaceuticals and hospitals. Automate sales, manage appointments, and streamline marketing and support functions with ease.

Healthcare CRM

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Tailored CRM for Healthcare Marketing

Elevate you marketing campaigns with powerful marketing automations. Reach your clients at right time with right message on right channel.

CRM for healthcare marketing

Streamline Offline

  • Integrate your brand number/virtual number and streamline offline campaigns. Automatically capture & track interested audience using smart IVR.

Automate and Personalize Engagements

  • Segment prospects, clients and patients using list manager and send personalized messages on email, SMS, and WhatsApp at scale using pre-created templates.

Run Personalized Online Campaigns

  • Implement personalized broadcast campaigns at scale across Email, SMS, and WhatsApp to engage prospects and enhance brand awareness.

Provide Outstanding Care to Clients and Patients

Streamline support operations across channels - calls, SMS, email, and WhatsApp. Enhance trust and satisfaction by being proactive and approachable.

Multichannel Ticketing System

Manage and track support requests from various channels such as email, web forms, chat, phone, and social media. Reduce response time and be more approachable.

Multiple SLAs and Automated Workflows

Implement workflow automations to streamline ticket capture, routing, categorization & tagging, escalation & resolution to handle multiple SLAs with ease.

Time Tracking and Reporting

Track time spent on each ticket and generate reports to analyze ticket volume, response times, resolution rates, and agent performance on real time.

Empower your team and enhance sales processes

Reduce manual work with automation and improve efficiency with rich insights

Lead & Opportunity Management

Capture, track, and manage leads & opportunities from first contact to closure, with clear visibility into deal stages, interactions (including when, what & how), potential revenue, and more.

Task & Activity Management

Schedule and track sales activities, such as follow-up calls, meetings, demos, and presentations, to ensure timely and proactive engagement with prospects and customers.

Analytics and Reporting

Generate customizable reports and analytics to track sales performance, team performance & productivity, and identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Mobile App

Access critical information, update records, and communicate with prospects while on the go. Also, optimize field activities using geo-tracking

Additional tools to keep your team organized


Attendance Management

Track your team's attendance and optimize workforce efficiency.


Calendar Management

Effortlessly manage completed, in-progress, and upcoming tasks and meetings.


Files Storage

Securely store and access important files within the platform.

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Why Corefactors Healthcare CRM?

Customizable and

Unified platform for managing sales, marketing, appointment, and support operations efficiently and effectively.


Unified platform for managing sales, marketing, and support operations efficiently and effectively.

Budget Friendly

Excellent value for money. Helps you save INR 40,000 per user per year. Plus there are multiple flexible plans.

Dedicated training and support

We are committed and guarantee you for a dedicated personalized support throughout journey.

Seamless Integration & quick implementation

Save time and resources by integrating with your existing tools using APIs and get up and running in a span of week.

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A healthcare CRM is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for the intricacies of the healthcare industry. It serves as a central hub where healthcare organizations such as hospitals, medical equipment distributors, laboratory operators can manage patients and client interactions, streamline administrative tasks, and optimize marketing and support efforts. Unlike traditional CRMs, healthcare CRMs offer specialized features tailored to the unique needs of medical professionals, such as patient appointment management, multichannel communication capabilities, and robust data security measures to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Determining the "best" healthcare CRM software is subjective and depends on various factors such as the specific needs and preferences of the healthcare organization, budget constraints, integration capabilities, and user interface preferences. What may be considered the best for one organization may not necessarily be the best for another. Factors like customization options, scalability, user-friendliness, customer support, and industry reputation can be considered for evaluation purpose. Ultimately, the best healthcare CRM software is the one that aligns most closely with the unique needs and goals of the organization implementing it.