Benefits Of CRM With Inbuilt Ticketing System

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Benefits Of CRM With Inbuilt Ticketing System

Wondering what a ticketing system can do? Well, for the starters it helps companies to manage their service and support cases. It helps customer support teams better prioritize customer calls and provide exceptional customer experience.

A CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system provides a unique dashboard that solves the problem of organizing and managing a large number of support tickets. It also creates a more enjoyable customer experience.

What Is CRM Ticketing System?

What is a Ticketing System

A ticketing system is a tool that allows companies to be organized, focused, efficient, and manage support cases. This impacts the costs and revenues of your company, customer retention, and your brand identity.

A multi-channel ticketing system collects all your support tickets from different channels and organizes them in one dashboard.

Agents spend at least 11% of their time looking for information that can manage customer interactions. Therefore, a CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system comes in really handy while managing customer requests.

There are two specific aspects of the ticketing system that a CRM ticketing system provides solutions to:

  • Customers generating queries from various channels i.e via email or call.
  • Priority-based resolution for bulk tickets.

Now you can manage a large number of tickets across multiple channels by integrating all communication channels in one place.

How Does A Ticketing System Work?

How Does a Ticketing System Work

It starts with creating a document or ticket that will record the interactions on a customer support case.

That ticket is then shared between the agent and the customer which tracks their communication to a continuous thread.

Both the agent and customer can refer back to the ticket thread at any point in time to review past information. After the ticket is created the agents can work to resolve customer issues on their end.

When they have a solution, the customer can be alerted via the ticket. If the customer has any questions or doubts, they can use the ticket to communicate with the agent.

This alerts the agent that there’s a response logged onto the ticket so that the agent can respond to it immediately.

When the customer issue is resolved by your customer support team or agent can close the ticket. It can be reopened if either of the parties has any following up to do.

A CRM with built-in the ticketing system enables you to collect customer feedback and review every time the ticket is closed.

Efficient Ticket Management With A CRM

Efficient Ticket Management with a CRM

A powerful ticketing dashboard makes it easier to solve customers’ queries and manage interactions between customers and the agent.

Asking a customer to introduce themselves repeatedly will frustrate them and waste a lot of time.

That’s where a ticketing system can help you. With an integrated ticketing system, agents can see the customers’ previous tickets raised with the company from any channel.

This not only streamlines customer conversations but also builds meaningful customer relationships.

But that becomes difficult when there are too many tickets that your agents need to attend and some might need more attention from the others. So how do you decide?

The best thing you can do is let your customers find the answers. Automation can help in the self-service of your customers.

With a proper integrated CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system, you can create your own help desk and let customers find the right agent to talk to through an IVR service.

It welcomes the customer with a professional greeting and enables them to find the solution with pre-recorded voice messages.

With an integrated CRM, handling tickets is easier for your customer support agents. You can set up different SLAs and workflows for each channel and ensure that the customers get resolutions on time.

You can also assign tickets to a particular agent that’s relevant to your customers’ query.

Multi-channel Ticketing System For Customer Support

Multi-channel Ticketing System for Customer Support

A multi-channel ticketing system helps you to create your own brand identity.

Your customer support team can have increased productivity and can track each customer.

Here’s how multichannel ticketing system can help you:

Faster Business Operation

The ticket handling becomes easier when the team knows who’s handling what. Automation can do wonders in a situation like this where you have to handle too many tickets simultaneously.

Setting up SLAs and workflow automation keeps your customer support team running smoothly. Your customers also get their issues resolved in a speculated amount of time.

Assigning tickets manually can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of customers waiting.

The CRM helps in automating the ticketing process, so all you have to do is set the criteria and certain rules. So that every ticket gets to meet its perfect match in your team.

More Detailed Reports

The built-in dashboards in a CRM help you track customer calls and improve your customer service using the common metrics.

An integrated CRM with ticketing system gives you real-time reports that can be filtered according to the date, channel, and the agent assigned. You can have a comprehensive overview of your customer service stats.

Important information such as ticket resolution time, individual agent stats, and business calls can be tracked and monitored according to your convenience.

Team Coordination

Your sales and support teams can work together to resolve customer issues with an integrated platform. You can extend the power of your ticketing system to suit your business needs better.

The integration brings extensive experience so that you can put together a robust customer service for your business.

Your team can track all the inbound and outbound calls with the customer.

All social media interactions are managed using social ticketing. Coordinate with your teams to resolve customer issues faster and efficiently.

Offers 360-degree Customer View

Knowing your customers before you start a conversation can be really helpful.

With a multi-channel ticketing system, you can view your customers’ past interactions, history, preferences, and more.

Now you can engage with customers more efficiently and create meaningful relationships that would give your business an edge over your competitors.

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How An Inbuilt Ticketing System Can Help Your Business?

How an Inbuilt Ticketing System Can Help Your Business

Every business needs a simplified version of the system which provides them with integrated solutions and inbuilt systems to run their business smoothly.

A CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system provides an effective ticket management system.

Here are the benefits of an inbuilt ticketing system that keeps your business running smoothly:

Auto Management Of Tasks

You can manage business processes like ticket categorization and prioritization. You can automate your ticket management and route tickets, manage alerts and notifications, and check ticket status.

Centralized System

The integrated centralized system allows you to get customer details and there’s no hassle of searching the spreadsheets and email inboxes to try and figure out their issues and then come back to the ticketing system to resolve their issues.

Prioritizing Customer Issues

The inbuilt ticketing system in a CRM enables the requests to get prioritized according to the requirement.

You don’t have to handle customer queries in a sequential way and prioritize high-value clients as per your requirements.

Increases Productivity

With an integrated platform, it’s easier to automate manual work required for the ticketing system.

This in turn drives the productivity of your team and decreases their workload.


A CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system can be highly beneficial for your business if used the right way. It assists you in finding issues and resolves them effectively.

It identifies the root cause of the problem and increases your business’ productivity. A ticketing system enables you to capture and manage requests in a consistent manner.

An inbuilt ticketing system is loaded with features. It’s easy to use, reduces work pressure, and gives you full authority to prioritize customer requests.