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Benefits of Having a Customer Support Software

You’ll know about the top features, benefits, and how a customer support software can help in scaling your business and improving your customer experience.

How To Give Best Support During Holidays Or Week Off?

Handling customer support during holidays or weekly offs can be difficult at times but if you have the correct tools and employees, it is easier and convenient.

How To Make Your Support Email More Exceptional

Learn the act of sending exceptional support emails to your customers and prospects. Retain more customers through an integrated email marketing platform.

Resolve Customer Queries Faster With Support Box CRM

This article gives information about how you can use an integrated CRM with customer service software (Support Box) to help in resolving customer queries faster.

Tips For Best Customer Support

Improve your customer support to delight your customers. Here are some practical customer support tips that can be implemented in your business strategy.

Benefits Of CRM With Inbuilt Ticketing System

Ticketing systems provide multi-channel & organized management for your support team. Get to know the benefits of having a CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system.

How To Delight Your Customers With An Integrated Platform?

With an interactive webinar with Mrs. Sharmila Sundaram, CEO corefactors, learn the basics of how to delight your customers with an integrated platform.

Elements of Customer Success Management

Customer success management delivers measurable outcomes throughout the customer lifecycle. Here’s a guide to elements of customer success management.

Customer Support in 2020 – Complete Guide

Poor customer support can lead to loss of customers and impact your revenue. Learn the new trends in customer support in 2020 in this complete guide.

Customer Experience in 2020: Complete Guide

Customer experience is crucial for any business. It’s the ultimate marketing tool and the majority of the buying decisions made in 2020 are made based on that.