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everything about customer service sla's

Everything About Customer Service SLA’s

Service Level Agreement(SLA) is a contract between the company and service provider. Get to know the types of SLA’s and tips to create an SLA in Teleduce.

proactive customer service

What is Proactive Customer Service? How to Deliver it Using Teleduce CRM?

As we know, proactive customer service is vital to gain the trust of any customer. To implement such practice in your organization, here we are with benefits and strategies.

help desk software

Types of Help Desk Software

Confused between the types of help desk software? Here’s the detailed description to choose the best for your organization.

customer support software ticket id

What Is Ticket Id in Support Software and How Helpful It Is?

We’ve all come across the term “ticket” at a certain point in our lives. It’s normal for individuals unfamiliar with the customer service sector to think. “What exactly does a support ticket mean, and how is it utilized? Let’s take a closer look at support tickets. A support ticket is a document that records a…


Benefits of Having a Customer Support Software

You’ll know about the top features, benefits, and how a customer support software can help in scaling your business and improving your customer experience.

support email during week offs

How To Give Best Support During Holidays Or Week Off?

Handling customer support during holidays or weekly offs can be difficult at times but if you have the correct tools and employees, it is easier and convenient.

support email

How To Make Your Support Email More Exceptional

Learn the act of sending exceptional support emails to your customers and prospects. Retain more customers through an integrated email marketing platform.

support box crm

Resolve Customer Queries Faster With Support Box CRM

This article gives information about how you can use an integrated CRM with customer service software (Support Box) to help in resolving customer queries faster.

Tips For Best Customer Support

Tips For Best Customer Support

Improve your customer support to delight your customers. Here are some practical customer support tips that can be implemented in your business strategy.

crm with inbuilt ticketing system

Benefits Of CRM With Inbuilt Ticketing System

Ticketing systems provide multi-channel & organized management for your support team. Get to know the benefits of having a CRM with an inbuilt ticketing system.