How we succeeded at Marketing? - Nine Star Suzuki Story

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How we succeeded at Marketing? - Nine Star Suzuki Story

Corefactors is pleased to run a series of interviews with the leaders in the industry to talk about their Marketing success secrets.

We are starting our series with Mr. Dharma Teja Gorrepati, Founder & CEO of Nine Star Suzuki. The interview follows below.

Friends Call you

Your official title
Founder & CEO

Size of the Marketing team

Products / Solutions you Market
Automobiles – Two Wheelers

Locations the company/marketing team operates from
Electronic City – Bangalore

Channels you market in (email, sms, calls, anything)
SMS, Social Media, Paper Advt & Paper insertions

The average number of campaigns you run per month

Which channels are effective for your organizations
SMS, Social Media, Paper Insertion

Tools you use to market to your customers
Teleduce, social media

What experiments do you perform in marketing?

We try to get as personal to the customer as possible with targeting different segments for the different products we have

Tell us about a really hard/memorable campaign and how you nailed it.
We were not getting responses for several campaigns that we did via SMS.

However, we found a better vendor through which we got a great response.

It was 2.5X expensive than the normal price but was really worth the kind of response we received

How do you measure marketing success at your organization ?
By the number of responses( calls) we get for the different campaigns

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned at your organization?
1) We need to continuously work & keep doing it well
2) Results do come, but not when you expect them

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received? (with respect to marketing)

Content is the Key & the intensity of a particular campaign is very critical

What’s the most important metric you think a marketing professional should aim for? Why?
Foot falls / Responses

If you were advising someone who is building a new marketing team, what would you tell them?
Understand what their business is all about and know exactly how the business operates / functions

What do you look for in marketing professionals? And how do you test for those traits? Do you ask any specific questions?
how much do they know about the business that they are working

What do you find most rewarding about being in marketing ? What makes everything worth it?
Impact it makes on customer minds

What’s your biggest challenge in marketing?
Getting the mind share of the customer

In terms of marketing, which company do you admire a lot?
Bajaj Auto

What’s your biggest time-saving trick?
Automation of processes
Try Teleduce