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Best Practices Of Customer Success Manager In Supporting Customers

This article gives you insights on the best practices a Customer Success Manager should implement in supporting customers. Ensuring that they get the best.

Achieve Happy Customers With Customer Success

The success of your customers has a profound and direct impact on your own business. Here are some ways you can achieve happy customers with customer success.

Customer Success With CRM Integration

Software companies use a lot of tools, among that customer relationship management (CRM) software might be the most important. This is especially true for customer-success-focused companies. You need to store a lot of information about your customers in order to help them succeed. And your customer success team needs to be able to find it…

How To Delight Your Customers With An Integrated Platform?

With an interactive webinar with Mrs. Sharmila Sundaram, CEO corefactors, learn the basics of how to delight your customers with an integrated platform.

Elements of Customer Success Management

Customer success management delivers measurable outcomes throughout the customer lifecycle. Here’s a guide to elements of customer success management.

The Difference Between Customer Success and Customer Support

Intrigued with recent trend “Customer Success”? Here is the detailed article to know the difference between customer success and customer support.

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Vmedo – Customer Success Story

Corefactors provided a successful marketing strategies for VMEDO to get more customers we can provide the same for your business too! Sign up for free trial