Vmedo - Customer Success Story

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With the growing need for emergency care and with the lack of adequate facilities, startups in healthcare have changed the game lately. Just like every other service provider, there lies a sentimental story that inspired the call to take action and contribute in making a positive change in society. One such organization is VMEDO, solving the critical problem of emergency healthcare and medical transportation in India.

What VMEDO is all about and problems faced:

VMEDO is a healthcare technology startup whose tagline is ‘better healthcare for everyone’. They believe that everyone deserves better healthcare and they want to use technology for the benefit of the patients who desperately need it. They have facilities for healthcare and medical transportation and ambulances for road, air, train, and bike. When every second matters, VMEDO is there to ensure that the golden hour is never missed.
However with all this success, VMEDO had issues communicating the right critical value with the target audience and in actively promoting their services in sales and marketing campaigns.
So how has this start-up managed to reach a reputed position in the market in a short period? A little secret. They owe it to the Corefactors and its robust Teleduce Platform, providing marketing automation and support in the areas of IVR, SMS and email services thus reaching great heights in such a short span.

The Value that was communicated:

  • Despite more money being spent in medical insurance and trauma care, Indians face enormous difficulties when faced with medical emergencies.
  • Companies such a VMEDO have to pitch-in to ensure quick transportation and peace of mind to relatives of patients.
  • Due to this inherent deficiency in public and governmental medical transportation, they play a life-changing role in their members’ lives.
  • Their fleet of ambulances is quick, high quality, and affordable.
  • There is a VMEDO app that connects people with the nearest ambulance, hospital, or blood donor. It has proved to be popular with 10,000+ installations already.

It’s time to hear about Corefactors straight from the horse’s mouth. Check out the exciting interview with the founder of VMEDO, Mr. Praveen Gowda. You can watch the YouTube Video interview with Mr. Praveen Gowda here and the transcript follows.

What is the motive for starting VMEDO?

The real life incident of my sister where we failed to get access to quality healthcare during her medical emergency. We painfully realized that there is no single platform which people can rely on for better healthcare accessibility and we thought why not build one.

Which marketing channels did you use?

IVR, SMS and email services.

What areas of issues were eliminated on using the above facilities?

Hindrance in communication and marketing campaigns.

What tool of Corefactors did you use?

Teleduce – a single marketing management system.

“No doubt Teleduce is an excellent product for a startup like us, one thing that I admire the most about Corefactors is their support and client relationship.”

Who is your target audience?

Everyone who wishes to have better healthcare for themselves and their family.
### How are you helping the end user with your mobile app?
Through VMEDO app, we promote healthy lifestyle and also provide accessibility to quality Medical services on demand.

How are you different from your competitor?

We bet on a customer focused approach, innovative technology, and empanelled trusted medical partners as compared to our competitors.

How did you increase your download rate? What was the best marketing channel helped you to push up your downloads? What is/was your marketing spend? How did you decide it?

Till date, our spend on app downloads is negligible. Majority of our downloads are organic and some through our media coverage. However, we are very active on social media.

How do you manage your entire business communication?

We use Corefactors for all our IVR, SMS and email services.

What should your brand represent? Your brand is a promise to customers of what your business stands for, what you deliver, and what they will experience as your customer?

It goes with our mission, “Better Healthcare for Everyone”. Our brand represents healthy lifestyle and happy living.

Let’s look at some of the services of Corefactors used by VMEDO.

  1. Being in emergency care business, it is highly critical to deliver the communication on time. Corefactors OTP messaging solution has been integrated with our mobile app for signup and emergency care booking scenarios.
  2. We use Corefactors cloud call center to manage our inbound and outbound emergency care communication. Cloud call center helps to manage calls anytime anywhere, redirect effortlessly, change call forwarding sequences. Importantly all our emergency care calls are recorded and tracked for our efficient resource allocation needs.

Some final comments by Mr. Praveen Gowda on Corefactors’ Services

“Corefactors is not just a service providing team, I can say they are my extended campaign management team. Right from the day of the ‘Vmedo’ inception, we’ve been getting great support from the entire Corefactors team and in fact, they play a very major role in our growth. I think with the kind of product that they have and the excellent customer support, Corefactors can make any business grow. I would highly recommend Corefactors for all business works”.

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