How To Choose The Right Cloud Telephony Solution To Work Remotely

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How To Choose The Right Cloud Telephony Solution To Work Remotely

Cloud telephony comes with a plethora of unmatched features for your business. Especially, during this quarantine period when we all are working remotely, it plays a crucial role in business communication.

It offers scalability and cost-effectiveness compared to PBX systems, business phones, or legacy contact centers.

If you’re a newbie to cloud telephony, we’re extremely happy to share with you that we recently conducted a webinar on 16th April 2020 with Sharmila Sundaram, CEO, Corefactors.

There, she shared her expertise on how to use cloud telephony to do remote work and also gave insider tips on how to select the right cloud telephony solution for your business.

According to the webinar, you should keep these things in mind while choosing a cloud telephony provider:

  • Ensure that customer service is excellent.
  • Be certain of data privacy
  • Look for power dialers within your CRM
  • Check reporting and analysis
  • Make sure that the systems don’t lag

There were two esteemed guests, Mr. Praveen Gowda and Mr. Varun Kashyap who gave their learnings and insights on the topic.

Mr. Praveen is the CEO and Co-founder at VMEDO from the Healthcare Industry and Mr. Varun is the Co-Founder, and Chief Evangelist at LetsEndorse.

Corefactors has been consistently helping them work remotely in this Covid-19 crisis.

Now coming to the cloud telephony, how is it important for your business?

What do you do to overpower your competitors? You obviously build a strategy that your competitors can’t imitate.

And here, cloud telephony comes to action. Automation is the key. It helps keep the team to be on the same page, makes sales pipeline more transparent, and reduces the time and effort required for any task, saves the cost of manual labor, brings in more revenue by minimizing lost leads, and enhances the productivity of employees.

Managing business calls is one such work that requires undivided attention, and during this crisis it has become difficult to communicate with the customers. Cloud telephony serves as an automation tool for a business phone system.

Products of Cloud telephony you can’t miss:

Even though the world is at standstill, you need to keep your business out of quarantine.

An IVR helps you attend all your business call 24X7 and helps you schedule calls too so that even if a customer is in another time zone you’ll get reminded and all the calls will be answered.

IVR also acts as a Virtual receptionist and routes your business calls efficiently without any delay.

Cloud-based IVR can help you route all of your business calls to the concerned salesperson directly on their mobile phones irrespective of their geographical location. Cloud telephony helps you retain everything.

Features that make it the best:

  • Call tracking, recording & masking
  • Analytical reports & automated database
  • 24X7 availability
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Remarketing

Implementing cloud telephony in your business is just a click away:

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