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cloud telephony to work from home

Stuck Without Your Office Landline? Shift Business Calls To Cloud

Don’t let your business rely on your office landline in this lockdown. Switch to a virtual number with 2 months of FREE subscription.

call directly from crm

Call Your Customers Directly From Your CRM

Thinking how you can call your customers directly from your CRM? Here’s a detailed guide on IVR+CRM integration. Now, increase sales revenue and never miss any business opportunities.

ivr solutions

15 Benefits With IVR Solutions For Small Businesses

IVR or Interactive voice response offers a wide variety of benefits for your business. This article gives you 15 benefits with IVR solutions for small businesses.

Cloud Telephony with Inbuilt CRM

What’s Cloud Telephony with Inbuilt CRM? How Can You Use It?

Give your business an edge by automating business communication through cloud telephony with inbuilt CRM. Manage incoming and outgoing calls with an IVR number.

Customer Support Guide

How to Deliver Best Customer Support in 2021 – Complete Guide

Poor customer support can lead to loss of customers and impact your revenue. Learn the new trends in customer support in 2020 in this complete guide.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience in 2020: Complete Guide

Customer experience is crucial for any business. It’s the ultimate marketing tool and the majority of the buying decisions made in 2020 are made based on that.

crm with inbuilt cloud telephony

5 Benefits of Using a CRM With Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

With an efficient CRM, businesses can retain around 89% of their customers. Imagine what a CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony can do for your business?

generate leads with lead magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet and Generate Consistent Leads?

To successfully and consistently generate leads with lead magnet, use this guide to understand lead magnet, it’s funnel and how you can create lead magnet.

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How To Choose The Right Cloud Telephony Solution To Work Remotely

Learn how cloud telephony can help you in running your business smoothly even while working remotely. Get a virtual number for seamless communication.

How to Solve Customer Support Issues With Ticketing System And IVR

How to Solve Customer Support Issues With Ticketing System And IVR

Customer support with ticketing system using IVR services significantly boost cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and retention. Learn its many uses.