How to Solve Customer Support Issues With Ticketing System And IVR

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How to Solve Customer Support Issues With Ticketing System And IVR

A ticketing system is a software that compiles all customer support requests from a wide range of sources and manages them in one location. This enables your support agents to resolve tickets quickly and efficiently while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer support with ticketing system using IVR services significantly boosts cost-effectiveness, customer retention, and the bottom line.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting,

  • With IVR, there is a 50% reduction in customer abandonment at key points in the customer journey.
  • Agent handle time is improved by 12.5% with IVR.

With these numbers, you certainly can’t afford to avoid IVR solutions and make them an integral part of your support ticket system.

IVR Solutions for Small Business

IVR solution for small business

Customer service is not just important for large businesses, they are in fact essential for the survival of small businesses.

However, customer service is a new battleground for small business and IVR is a key player in it.

Since small business wants to avoid costly and unwieldy infrastructure, Cloud-based IVR systems are popular with them since they are flexible to implement.

With customer service IVR systems in place, small businesses can:

Customer service IVR help points
  • Prioritize calls based on the value
  • Personalize IVR messages and prompts
  • Obtain important information from the customer during the wait time
  • Ensure customers are routed to the right agent
  • Improve customer service standard with call recording and logs
  • Use voice prompts to automate the customer identification process
  • Predict why customers are calling to speed up service
  • Handle high call volume and rises efficiently
  • Reduce overhead costs, including staffing

IVR Solutions for Customer Care

IVR solution for Customer Care

Customers are the best ambassadors for your business. As you look forward to maximizing your ROI, you must provide your customers with the best possible support.

By integration IVR system with a lead management system CRM like Teleduce, IVR can elevate customer satisfaction.

  • With an IVR system in place, customer problems can be tackled with an automated response. On the other hand, if customer problems are unique, the call can be routed to the agents who are ready to address them immediately.
  • With IVR, there will be no “waiting in line”. Customers can get answers to their questions that are fast, accurate and personal, despite not being sent by a human.
  • When the call is transferred to the agent, the IVR system shows the agent all the information gathered that will help the agent to handle the query. This improves agent productivity and further reduces customer frustration. For outstanding performance, you need to provide your sales rep with the support management tools that they require. Here is a list of tools that sales reps must use in 2020.
  • With IVR, you can conduct customer surveys that bring valuable insights. This will help gain new customers, target the right prospects, support sales efforts, and improve overall revenue strategies.

IVR Solutions for Real Estate

IVR solution for Real Estate

According to IBEF research, the housing sector’s contribution in India will be 11% of the total GDP by 2020. This means that every lead is important for those in the real estate industry.

Let’s have a look at how IVR solutions can help streamline the lead management process in real estate businesses.


  • While launching a new project, real estate businesses can use missed call marketing to promote it.
  • Display the Missed call number in both traditional and digital marketing methods.
  • Once leads are captured, use IVR solutions to broadcast the details of the site to the collected leads.

Lead Management

Lead Management
  • IVR solutions can also vastly help in handling incoming pool of calls. You can share toll free numbers in your website or promotional media using which prospects can reach you for free.
  • You can use routing structures so that calls are distributed to the correct department. When the prospects call, they first listen to IVR messages which could include various important details of the project.
  • After listening to the message, if the prospect wants to connect through the agent, the system directly routes the call.
  • When agents are busy, the system informs the caller that the agent is currently busy and they can expect a call as per their queue number.

Customer Retention

CUstomer retention
  • You can use IVR solution for support and handle grievances. When the customer calls they are given a plethora of information through which they can find solutions themselves.
  • This type of self-service enables companies to provide excellent service while lowering costs.
  • If they don’t find the solution, they can choose to talk to your support agent or leave a message with details.
  • The recorded message reaches the right department and after listening to grievances, they can call the customer.
  • A lot of customers are put out because they have to repeat their information again and again. With IVR solutions and call recording, you can provide exceptional customer service and retain them.

Bonus: If your lead generation strategies aren’t delivering the results you seek, then check out our guide on how to find qualified real estate buyers in 2020.

IVR Solutions for Healthcare

IVR for healthcare

Health-related inquiries are usually sensitive and urgent in nature. The agents have to promptly provide accurate information and handle a large number of incoming calls. This is where IVR Solutions can help.

Here are some of the ways in which healthcare industry can use IVR solutions:

  • Automatic Reminder: IVR solutions can be used to provide automatic reminders to patients for appointments and decrease no-shows. On the flip side, patients can call in and learn their appointment to timing with automated IVR call.
Automatic Reminder
  • Reduce Waiting Time: When patients call a large medical organization, they are often left hanging on the phone for a while. With IVR, hospitals can save their time and prevent disappointment. Patients are immediately connected to the right person or they are promptly offered computerized answers fed into the system.
Reduce waiting Time
  • Promote Free Camps: IVR services can be used to promote free medical camps or advertise new technologies that are going on in the hospital.
Promote free Camps
  • Filter Unnecessary Calls: A lot of people call doctors for trivial matters. IVR can help solve this by filtering unnecessary calls. The callers can find solutions from IVR recorded messages.
Filter Unnecessary calls
  • Enhance Privacy: IVR enhances privacy and comfort for many patients by providing them with their test results over an automated call. This also eliminates human error and verbal miscommunication.
Enhance privacy
  • Multiple Language Support: IVR system can be configured in multiple languages. So, instead of hiring staff to provide information in various local languages, use IVR services to communicate important information with patients.
Multi Language Support
IVR Service Provider

IVR Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Along with receiving and recording calls and providing information to customers, IVR services offer other innovations solutions to the hospitality industry such as:

Automated Logistics and Information Portal

Automated logistic &Info portal

From hotel booking to providing in-house information, availability of rooms, their tariffs, sights, shows, tour packages, every information can be provided through IVR solutions. Calls can also be directed to agents in case the customers don’t find the information they seek.

In-house Services

With IVR services, your customers will not have to interact with the front desk or housekeeping for the services they require.

With automated IVR, they can choose a wide range of customized activities at the click of a phone key.

Whether it is room cleaning or laundry, billing information or to report a problem, IVR can be used to streamline the complete communication system.

Customers can also choose from extra automated services like wake-up calls, do-not-disturb requests or booking slots at the gym/spa/other facilities.

By using IVR, they will never fail again at the hands of human error or memory.

Multi-language Support

Multi Language Support

Hospitality industry experiences customers from different regions. IVR services can be set up to provide personalized interaction with guests.

By providing them with information and service options in their local language, the hospitality industry can overcome any language barriers effectively.

24×7 Customer Service

24*7 customer service

IVR services can help streamline your workforce and reduce human workload.

Your clients can interact with the IVR system 24×7, know they are heard and fulfil their requirements at all times.

All the interactions are also recorded for quality assurance, which reduces error by considerable margins.

IVR Solutions for Call Centre

IVR solutions for call centre

When it comes to call centres, IVR solutions have grown to be an essential piece of technology.

Survey statistics show that its usage is growing every year, with 86.1% of call centres installing IVR system, as of 2018.

Let’s have a look at how IVR solutions help call centres.

  • Easy Call Routing: IVR call routing also works based on sophisticated rules, along with routing the call to the right department. Like the caller is routed automatically to the last agent he spoke to. It can also route calls as per the buyers’ journey via API integration with a lead management system CRM.
  • Reduced Call Transfers: Customers often get frustrated with long waiting times when a call is being transferred from one department to another. IVR enables effective pre-qualification of calls. This makes sure the call reaches the right person and reduces the need for callers to be put on hold.
  • Peak Management: During high demand or seasonal peak activity, IVR can handle simple requests by automated services and routes complex issues to the correct person. This saves time and thereby allows more calls to be answered in any given day.
  • Extending Opening Times: Now employee working hours are limited by office hours and they are not available on holidays and seasonal breaks. But IVR ensures your business is invariably available to your customers.

Use Teleduce as Software for Ticketing SystemWith IVR

Teleduce is a full-fledged cloud-based ticketing management software with IVR support solution that offers everything your business needs to provide exceptional support.

The built-in cloud telephony delivers a complete call centre capability that you can deploy on the cloud, which makes it an ideal platform for you to get up and running in no time.

With multichannel capabilities and a unified dashboard, your business can now take calls, address support tickets, design various campaigns like email marketing and much more.

If you are in a Tour and Travel industry, incorporating tour management applications can also significantly enhance the functionality of your ticketing system, offering more streamlined options for managing travel and tours directly from your dashboard.

Provide an effortless customer experience with Teleduce.

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