Why Should Companies Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing ?

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What is Multi channel Marketing?

As the name suggests, multichannel marketing is about communicating with customers through various channels – email, voice calling, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, SMS / WhatsApp, and so on.
The idea is to use multiple channels to reach out to the customer with the aim of generating leads and earning revenue.

Why use Multi channel Marketing?

There are four main reasons why you should opt for multi channel marketing.

1. Choice

Multi channel marketing offers you the ability to choose the way you want to market yourself. It makes sure you are not limited in the way you approach your promotions. With multi channel marketing, you have the freedom to decide.
In the end, you probably won’t make use of all of the channels, but it is still important to have the capacity to choose. What may not seem important to you now could become crucial later on.

2. Intent

The intent is to provide users with a sense of pride at having so many tools at their disposal. Certain channels work best for certain types of posts. Twitter is great for snippets and quotes, Instagram for images, Facebook for longer posts, and email for newsletters and invitations. If you make a lot of videos, YouTube might be a good option to consider.
No channel is perfect for everything, but you can harness the combined power of the many channels to drive your marketing and subsequently your company to new heights.

3. Convenience

Convenience is another aspect. You never want to be restricted in terms of what you can and cannot do. Multi channel marketing makes it easy to use the methods that you want to in a simple and easy manner.
Marketing nowadays has become much better than how it once was. It is especially good news for small and medium enterprises because the playing field has been levelled. The internet has allowed them to compete with the rest and make themselves known.

4. Connection

Also, by using multi channel marketing, you can establish connections with a greater amount of people. Not everyone uses every type of service – Facebook users may not check their emails frequently, those who use SMS may not be on WhatsApp, and so on.
Thus, by targeting users with an assorted collection of mediums, you are broadening your reach and thus increasing the chances of reeling in more leads. Multi channel marketing can get you connections which were not possible before.

Points to Remember in Multi channel Marketing

There are definitely areas where you need to proceed with caution when it comes to multichannel marketing, so take heed.


Multi channel marketing will bear fruit, but not without some effort. There must be some research done on your part. Your team should have a good understanding of the channels and what they are used for. This way, if you miss a customer on one channel, you can catch them in another.

Target Audience

Multichannel marketing is more about the user than about your company. You want to give the user what they are looking for as opposed to pushing your own agenda upon them. For this reason, you need to identify who your target audience is. The channels you use will depend on what they use more often. Know your audience.


Although you will use different channels to perform different functions This is how you establish yourself and your brand. Try to maintain consistency in terms of the colors you use, the fonts, tone, etc. across all your channels.
Don’t do one thing for a Facebook ad and then something completely different with a Google Ad unless you are experimenting. The moment you find out what works, stick to it as there is no need to tinker anymore. At least not until it stops working.


Be wary of creating too many channels as you need to maintain them all. Don’t go out and make an account for everything as it may be too much too handle and you will become overwhelmed. Juggling is never fun and in the end, it is better to have a few good channels than many subpar ones.
You also have to keep updating the channels with content or else they will go stagnant and die out. For this reason, put a plan in place like a content calendar for the month with a list of how many blog posts, Facebook campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and anything else you plan to run for the month.

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