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Exotel Integration with Corefactors AI CRM

About Exotel

Exotel is a leading virtual telecom operator facilitating cloud based communication for over 7100 businesses across India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Exotel integration with Corefactors CRM enables businesses to meet all their telephony needs without the hassle of physical infrastructure, from setting up customer call centres to outbound dialling, to IVR to VOIP and many more.

Benifits of Corefactors Integrations with Exotel

With Exotel integration to Corefactors, you can manage customers calls (inbound calls, outbound calls, internet based calls) from single interface, Corefactors.

  • point_scan Set up smart multi-level IVR
  • point_scan Automatically capture and record inbound customer calls
  • point_scan Automatically route incoming calls to the right agent
  • point_scan Automatically create leads or tickets and assign it to the right agent.
  • point_scan Reach customer directly from CRM in single click using Click2Call
  • point_scan Real-time IP calling directly from CRM web applications using webRTC
  • point_scan Automatic logging of all customer interactions at a central repository for easy access
  • point_scan Comprehensive reports on call logs, call duration, agent productivity, call answered, call failed, and more.

Setting Up Exotel Integration in Corefactors AI CRM


  • point_scan You must have an active Exotel Account. For International call integration, you must have an international call account in Exotel.
  • point_scan You must be admin user of Corefactors.
  • point_scan Corefactors and Exotel user details must be the same, so that we will get a different SIP ID in their Exotel account to trigger the call.
  • point_scan For international call, every user/agent must install softphone - Linphone in their system to connect international calls through systems. Linphone Installation

How to set up Exotel Integration in Corefactors AI CRM

  • point_scan Step 1: Login to Corefactors AI CRM (https://tw1.teleduce.corefactors.in/login/) through admin credential.
  • point_scan Step 2: Go to the ‘Integration Page’ from the menu.
  • point_scan Step 3: Select ‘Telephony’ category from the available category options.
    • Under ‘Telephony’ category, you will find below two options for Exotel integration:

      star ‘Exotel (For call logs and calls)’ for local calling solution

      star ‘Exotel (For Call logs and International calls)’ for international calling solution.

  • point_scan Step4: Click connect button from the above Exotel integrations as per requirement. Upon clicking connect button, following form will appear, asking for Exotel account configuration details.
  • Note: For international call integration, you must have Exotel international call account.

  • point_scan Step 5: Fill the configuration values referring to your Exotel account and click ‘Save’.

Exotel Integration consideration values:

  • point_scan SIP ID: Visit Co-workers and Groups option under "CONTACTS" from navigation menu in your exotel account.
  • point_scan Exotel CallerId/ExoPhone/Exotel Virtual Number: Visit Virtual numbers option under "ADMIN" from navigation menu in your exotel account.
  • point_scan Exotel Subdomain: The region of your account e.g. For Singapore cluster it is "@api.exotel.com" and For Mumbai cluster it is "@api.in.exotel.com".
  • point_scan Exotel API token: Visit API option under "SETTINGS" from your navigation menu in your exotel account.
  • point_scan Exotel API Key: Visit API option under "SETTINGS" from your navigation menu in your exotel account.
  • point_scan Exotel SID: Visit API option under "SETTINGS" from your navigation menu in your exotel account.

How will the solution work after integration?

Once you integrate exotel successfully, then you can make calls directly from Corefactors using click2call feature or using Linphone (Exotel’s softphone).

    Steps to trigger call:

  • point_scan Open Linphone whenever you are triggering international call
  • point_scan Click on the ‘Call Now’ option.
  • point_scan You will get a call on the Linphone first . While attending the call in Linphone it will trigger the end user(lead) mobile number.
  • point_scan So you can speak through a system with your leads.
  • point_scan Once the call is done, you can see the logs and recording in ‘Call Logs’ and lead Activity.


point_scan International calls from Corefactors is only available from Leadbox.

point_scan If exotel integration is ‘Disconnected’ , then the user can’t make a call for an international number. ‘Call’ button in the ‘Call Now’ option is disabled.

point_scan International SMS service is currently not available.

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