What is Lead Management Software?

Lead Management System is a process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and progress towards the interest of your product then engaging with them and finally closing the deal.

  • Step by Step Lead Management Process
  • Step by Step Lead Management Process
  • Best Practices of Lead Management Software with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony
  • Challenges Without Lead Managements System with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony
  • Benefits of Lead Management System with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony
  • Why is Corefactors AI CRM Lead Management Software Better than Others?
Lead management software

Step By Step Lead Management Process

Businesses follow this set of processes to successfully achieve their sales targets. And Corefactors AI CRM can make this process easier.

Lead management software

Step 1: Capture Lead

You can capture leads not only from Email, SMS, Missed Call, Website but also from Social Media, Ads, Market-places, Third-party Websites.

It’s possible in Corefactors AI CRM through Integrations.

You don’t have to look for a developer to integrate. You can integrate APIs, WebHook API’s with zero technical expertise and with ease.

You can integrate Shopify, Justdial, 99cares, housing.com, IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Facebook and many other such websites to generate leads.

After successful generation of leads, an ideal tool captures them into a single place called as Lead Box in Corefactors AI CRM.

Corefactors AI CRM captures the entire lead profile that is needed for the sales team to move forward.

Step 2: Track Lead

When leads are inside your Lead Management System Software. It’s time to get to know them and their business.

It’s pretty much easy with the details available in the Lead Box.

It has information such as Customer Name, Company Name, Type of Business, Location.

With this information, the sales team can understand the type of customer and what he/she needs help with.

The process will become simpler when they contact the customer and cater to them with a personalized pitch or the product they are actually in need of.

Tracking will also provide a simple time for Sales Executives to prepare a suitable pitch.

Lead management software
auto-lead assignement

Step 3: Distribute Lead

Now that the customer, type of business, and their requirement is captured and analyzed. Leads will be passed on to sales agents.

The procedure for segmenting leads to pass onto these agents might differ from organization to organization.

For instance, in Corefactors we segment them by the source of the lead. This means leads generated from Facebook goes to Agent1 and leads generated from Email goes to Agent2 and so on.

This process is also auto-assigned to prevent lead leakage or a longer response time.

Step 4: Nurture Lead

This is the final and crucial step in the Lead Management process.

Lead nurturing is the process of enlightening and building relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

You can educate the lead about the value your product brings through Email Campaigns, SMS, promotional Offers.

It is also important to keep in mind that your sales team is paying attention to the lead’s pain points and requirements.

It is in this step that sales agents qualify the lead after walking through their requirements. And understand if they are hot, warm, cold, junk leads and take action accordingly.

Sales agents also provide guidance and assistance to build trust, increase brand awareness and follow up with them until leads are sales-ready.

auto-lead assignement

Why Choose Corefactors AI CRM Lead Box?

CRM Vs Lead Management with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Customer Relationship Management is a technology to manage relationships with customers, store customer data, automate customer’s journeys with marketing, sales and customer support

On the other hand, Lead Management is a crucial part of Customer Relationship Management. It is exclusively focused on the sales process

Lead Management Softwarehelps to bring in the leads and guides them through the process of lead qualifying and nurturing.

Lead Nurturing can be carried out by regular communications like Email, SMS, Call, Whatsapp.

Thats where Inbuilt Cloud Telephony paints a large picture

Inbuilt Cloud telephony is a technology that uses the internet as the medium for voice communication.

It is very economical and can be used by any business without investing in hardware equipment and infrastructure.

Additionally, you don’t have to buy other services/applications to make calls, track calls 24/7 as well.

Lead Management with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony drives you more engagement and quicker responses in order to sell faster.

AI-based Lead Score

Lead Scoring will help you to quickly identify a prospect with more potential based on agent interaction with him

    Well, how does a business benefit from it:-

  • Agents can prioritize the leads based on this score.
  • As the scores are configurable, it helps agents and BO To follow up with leads efficiently.

The higher the number of engagements with the customer, the higher will be the lead score.

It can be measured through Inbound and Outbound Call, SMS, Email, and Whatsapp.

Lead Scoring pushes the sales agents to address the leads first with the most buying potential thus selling faster.

Corefactors AI CRM Mobile CRM

Corefactors AI CRM Mobile CRM Operations and design speak for themselves and are made to track, analyze leads and initiate quicker conversations.

Corefactors AI CRM Mobile Lead Management System takes up space for lead engagement. Allowing you to perform everything regarding lead management from your mobile replacing PC.

It’s available on both iOS and Android.

You can access Notes, Tasks, Meetings, Locations, Files, Activity.

With Corefactors AI CRM Mobile Lead Management System tracking is just a click away.

It’s a convenient, faster, accurate and efficient way to track and analyze your leads along with inbuilt cloud communication that can foster your sales process.

Fulfill your customers desires faster than ever with Corefactors AI CRM Lead Management System.

Best Practices for LMS with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Follow a Logical Lead Process

As said earlier, Lead Management System is a series of steps and it produces best results when followed in a certain way.

Standard practice is to join the lead journey from the very start of Lead Generation to Lead Capture until Lead Nurture.

Track the Prospect to Communicate Better

Soon after capturing the lead and their business details. And before you start to nurture the lead.

There's an important step.

Tracking the lead business.

It gives major insights into what type of business is the lead into.

And what could be his/her pain points, business requirements.

Hence, the Sales team must research enough about the lead business to offer them a solution that can release their pain points and suggest the right product according to their needs.

Attend the Lead on Time

Underatted factor, yet very impactful.

A lead is captured and your system doesn’t pop up notification or your sales representative has not attended the lead within the time frame of 5 minutes.

Lead is gone.
He/She is gone entirely.

Because the interest or curiosity in the product/service for the lead decreases from time to time.
The level of interest in the first five minutes is not the same in the 2 hours.

Make sure you attend the lead within 5 minutes and the conversion rate starts to get higher in the long run.

In Corefactors AI CRM you can set an auto-call feature where a lead gets a call within 5 seconds as soon as takes action on your website or contacts about your product.

Be Mindful About Lead’s Engagement History

Lead Management with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony is a deadly combo and you will realize the same when it comes to follow-up.

As Cloud telephony or cloud communications such as SMS, Email, Whatsapp or inbuilt in Lead Management System Software the biggest benefit is you can have a look at the lead engagement history.

You can track their previous communications and get to know the lead better when you contact them later.

This gives your sales team ample information about the lead and their business helping them to close the deal on time.

Feed your System Timely with Inputs

No matter how automated your system or the tool is.

It is you and your sales team who feeds the system with inputs

It's nothing different for a Lead Management System as well.

That is why timely updates with the lead must be recorded in the systems

This will ensure no discrepancies further and no delays in the future.

Challenges Without
Lead Management System & Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Difficult to Follow Up

In a Lead Management System without Inbuilt Cloud communication you can’t account for Lead’s activities, tasks, engagement history.

Without timely reminders, it’s harder to keep up with the lead requirements and gradually results in losing sales.

Filter Options are Limited

You can’t segregate the leads as per your choice in an excel sheet.

For example: With Inbuilt Cloud Telephony you can filter the leads that called you or you contacted by selecting incoming, outgoing calls.

This feature gives you an edge over others to stay up to date with the lead.

Manual Errors in Updating Correct Information

If the Lead Management System doesn’t come along with Inbuilt Cloud Communications then the auto-updating is not in sync.

Your Sales team has to perform manual updations which might mismatch due to human flaws leading to loopholes in the system.

This also leads to loopholes if not verified.

Lack of Productivity

Productivity Reports has the activities of your sales team with the lead.

It has details of calling information, follow-ups, time spent on calls. This is automatically generated with Inbuilt Cloud Communications

It wouldn’t be easier to track if the system was otherwise.

No Proof of Work for Field Sales Agent

It's a huge task to track your field sales agents without inbuilt communication.

Through Lead Management with Inbuilt Communication - It is feasible to track field sales agent's work in real-time.

Recording Isn't Possible

Lead Management Software without Inbuilt Cloud Telephony can’t record your calls with the lead.

In any situation, if the sales agent wants to go through customer needs once again, it's highly impractical to recollect the entire conversation.

As the clarity fades out, it leads to fewer conversion rates.

Benefits of Lead Management System
with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

Streamline the Sales Process

Streamlined Sales Process starting from the integrations to capturing to tracking to distributing and nurturing.

The process won’t be this simpler and easy to follow up if there was a separate tool for communications.

Track the lead's current status with the help of communication history.

Communicating with the lead became simpler with just a click in Lead Management Software Corefactors AI CRM.

Call Recording for Better Personalization

Sales agents can listen to the lead conversations to get a complete idea of their pain points and requirements.

This will help them to improve their approach towards the lead.

Whereas, with other Lead Management Software where the calling system is integrated and not inbuilt in the system recording the calls is not possible.

It’s also extremely difficult to track the recordings on your phone. But in the system lead details, call history, recording and everything is aligned,

Keep a Track of Your Engagement With the Leads

Email updates, Follow-ups with the leads are showcased on a single screen. Avoiding the drift from one application to the other.

The entire process of the lead capture to the conversation is shown.

Managers, Sales executives can track upcoming, completed meetings or calls in the Tasks section.

Documents shared through Email are also available on the same platform.

Timely reminders on upcoming task and a filter option are available to track any specific task.

Track Incoming, Outgoing, Missed calls from the Call log section.

Provide Timely Response to Your Leads

Auto-call feature to follow up with the lead timely within 5 seconds.

Get your hands on SMS/Email/Whatsapp on a single tab instead of multiple services thus resulting in time-crunch

Recurring Task Reminder feature to remind the lead about a meeting or upcoming task that can be set for a period of time.

Corefactors AI CRM integrates with the calendar in order to keep you updated and up to date with meetings and major events.

Integrations For Zero Lead Leakage

You might consider not just Email, SMS, Whatsapp for generating leads.

There are plenty of platforms from Social Media, Calling Solutions and MarketPlaces that can triple the number of leads you currently acquire.

Analyze where most of the leads come from and integrate with Corefactors AI CRM Lead Management Software.

On the other hand, if you already have a calling solution we’re open to providing our Lead Box by integrating with your choice of a third-party application.

Sales Automation For Workflows

With Corefactors AI CRM automating the selling process you can create your own workflows.

Workflows that matter and are suitable for your business internal operations and for the employees.

These workflows make you bring closure to your leads with a variety of automated communications like Call/Whatsapp/Email/SMS.

Reports to Measure Productivity

Lead Reports can also be viewed to have a glance on leads like the number of leads converted, number of open leads and hot leads.

Henceforth increasing the conversion rate.

Assess the productivity of sales agents through the Productivity Report.

You can check the call reports regarding the incoming, outgoing calls.

Delight your customers and experience better conversions with our lead management software and inbuilt cloud telephony.

You've heard enough. It's time to take action

A CRM tool Corefactors AI CRM acts as the best lead management software that captures, tracks, qualifies, distributes and nurtures them with Inbuilt Cloud Telephony and Automation tools.

Helps to prioritize leads through Lead Scoring, pushes you to follow up with the leads and keeps up with your tasks by timely reminders, notifications.

Thus ensuring not missing or delaying a lead unattended.

Alongside there’s Mobile CRM for easy tracking and analyzing leads.

Avail the Best Lead Management Software to Sell faster.


Lead Management System (Lead Box) helps you manage, capture, nurture them and convert leads into customers.

From Email, SMS, Website, Calls, Third-party Applications, Marketplaces, and Social Media.

Email, Whatsapp, Call, SMS are inbuilt cloud communications of Corefactors AI CRM.

You can connect instantly with your lead through any of these channels with a single click.


Corefactors AI CRM integrates with your chosen Email, Social Media, Third-Party application, Market Places.

From Email, Website, SMS, Calls.

Social Media such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

Market Places such as IndiaMart, TradeIndia, 99acres, Housing.com, Shopify.

Third-Party Applications such as JustDial, Sulekha, Shopify... and many more applications.

You can avail Corefactors AI CRM FREE TRIAL for 7 days.


Corefactors AI CRM is popular among Real-Estate, EdTech, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Service-based and HealthCare industries.


Absolutely, Corefactors AI CRM is suitable for businesses with as low as 20 employees to 100 employees.

So Corefactors AI CRM does grow along with your company.

No, it will not be merged.

Yes, notification will be sent to the executives.

An Email and Push Notification is sent.

Lead is moved from the Corefactors AI CRM Lead Box to Success Box.

There you will have 360-degree access to the customer information to level up the relationship between agent and customer.