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Lead Capture, Routing, and Assignment

  • Automatic Capture: Integrate lead capture forms on websites, landing pages, marketplaces, social media channels, and other applications using lead APIs and webhooks and auto-capture customer information.
  • Manual Entry/Import: Easy Import options with no data loss. Import bulk lead data with xlsx & csv templates to smoothly capture lead data in just a few clicks.
  • Auto Assignment & Routing: Automatically assign leads to appropriate sales representatives based on predefined rules such as territory, region, industry, lead source, and many more.
Lead Capture

Auto Lead Scoring

Auto-Assign scores & ratings to leads based on predefined criteria to prioritize them based on their interaction behavior and their likelihood to convert.

Lead Nurturing

  • Multichannel Engagement: One-click connects to help you nurture and engage your leads on their preferred channel i.e., Call, Email, SMS, WhatsApp.
  • Automated Nurturing: Implement automated communication journeys with automated workflows and personalized communication to nurture leads at various buying cycle stages.
  • Automated follow-up management: Create a task to call/email/follow up and never miss a single follow-up. You can schedule follow-ups, meetings, or e-mails with automated reminders and notifications.

Lead Tracking and Management

An Eagle’s Eye: Keep a close watch on lead activities and interactions across multiple channels to understand their journey and effectively manage them through the sales funnel.

Get Ready to Transform Your Lead Management and Sales

Powerful Automation for Effective Lead Management

  • 360⁰ View: Automatically logs every interaction, note, meeting, and task associated with the lead on a single tab for a quick view of the customer’s journey.
  • First Response: Trigger auto-call and send auto-replies on SMS and Email based on predefined rules and optimize lead response time.
  • Advanced custom filters: Organize and visualize leads, opportunities, pipelines, sales cycles, and more using advanced custom filters.
  • Mobile Accessibility: On-the-go access to customer information, update records, and manage tasks from anywhere and anytime, using the mobile app.

Reports and Analytics

Track lead stage progression, sales pipeline, revenue, conversion rate, lead telephony insights, team productivity, and more in real-time with quick dashboards.

Why Choose Corefactors Lead Box?

Corefactors is simple easy-to-use sales software, packed with essential
features and automation that can help you to close more deals smartly and efficiently.

Simple and Effective

Designed for effortless use by any sales representative, Corefactors LeadBox is stripped of unnecessary complexities, focusing solely on essential features that drive automation and results.

Seamless Integration

Worried about compatibility? Don't be. Our CRM seamlessly integrates on one click with over 30 Apps and with other software and tools through APIs and webhooks.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Customize your experience, from fields to dashboards. Adjust settings yourself or collaborate with our experts for advanced customization Corefactors puts the power in your hands.


We understand the differentiated needs of small businesses and enterprises, which is why we offer a range of affordable prices and packages to cater to your requirements.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Thanks to Corefactors, reps from our loan documents scrutiny team, payment collection team, and customer support team are now effortlessly reaching 7,500 prospects per month, ensuring seamless customer interactions and contributing to our milestone of Rs. 555 Crore in disbursed loans.

Mr. Aniket Telecalling Head, HMPL Hindusthan Microfinance

The good part about Corefactors is that they are very modular, they accept the customer's problems, and they are ready to customize the CRM for the customer and that too at superfast pace. That's the Startup DNA that I like about Corefactors. They are always ready to solve problems and serve the customer.

Akash Gupta Co-Founder & CEO, ZYPP Electric Zypp Electric

I have had experience with bigger players in the CRM industry and one of the reasons we chose Corefactors is its excellent customer support. Being a technology-driven startup we require prompt issue resolution and support when using a new platform. Corefactors really stood out in this aspect.

Vikas Agrawal Founder & CEO, AIF & PMS Expert India AIF & PMS Expert India

We were facing serious difficulties in finding the right cost and work-effective CRM and we needed fast implementation. Corefactors helped us win over all the challenges related to building customer relationship. The ease of customization with Corefactors AI CRM to incorporate all required features to suite our business needs, astonished me.

Zuheb Shaikh AVP Contact Center, Ketto Ketto
Senthil Akash Nitin Zuheb

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