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Empower your revenue generating teams - sales, marketing , customer support and customer success, to work as one.

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Marketing Box & Sales Box Marketing Box, Sales Box, Call & Productivity Reports Marketing Box, Sales Box, Call, Productivity & Comparison Reports

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Marketing Box

Manage up to 50K records
25 content templates
Channels: SMS & Emails
Seed Features +
Manage up to 100K records
50 content templates
Landing Page Editor
Marketing Workflow Automation- SMS, EMail & WhatsApp
Sapling Features +
Manage up to 200K records
100 content templates
Marketing Workflow Automation - Custom APIs

Sales Box

Integrations to Direct Sources, Manage Leads, Fields/Lead Customization, Follow-ups & Notifications Integrations to Direct/API/Webhook Source, Inbuilt Cloud Telephony, Auto Lead Distribution & Recommendation, Lead Journey Hierarchy, Auto Reply & mobile CRM Advanced Integrations, AI Lead Scoring & Field Mapping, Lead Journeys, Multilevel Hierarchy, 3rd party Lead API & 2 Factors Authentication, Mobile CRM & Attendance Solution

Success Box

Standard Fields, Manual & Email Integrated Tickets, Notifications (SMS/Email) Custom Fields, Landing Page & API Ticket Creation, SLA Timing & Group Configuration, Auto Reply & Ticket Notification (SMS/Email) RevOps Enabled Automated Payment Followup, Renewals, Inbuilt customer interactions (with SMS/Email/Call/WhatsApp)


One Time Free:
100 SMS/Emails/Accounts
Chargeable: SMS: 15p/SMS
Email: 5p/Email
One Time Free:
500 SMS/Emails/Accounts/Calls
Chargeable: SMS: 15p/SMS
Email: 5p/Email; Call: 55p/min
One Time Free:
1000 SMS/Emails/Accounts/Calls
Chargeable: SMS: 15p/SMS
Email: 5p/Email; Call: 55p/min; WhatsApp: 58p/msg

Lead Management

Custom solutions with unlimited calling solutions

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Lead Capture
Contact Management (Lead Storage)
Up to 25k contacts

Up to 50k contacts

Up to 100k contacts
Data Fields Customization
Custom Lead Stages
Leads Dashboard Standard Custom Custom
Communication Channels for Follow-up with Leads SMS, and Email SMS, Email, Call and WhatsApp SMS, Email, Call, and WhatsApp
Task Management
Advanced Filters -
Auto Lead Assignment/Distribuiton -
Auto Replies to Leads/Contacts -
Using Email and SMS

Using Email and SMS
Telephony Integration -
Internal Notes and Collaboration -
Data Fields Mapping -

Lead Scoring - -
Instant Auto Call Connection with Leads - -

Marketing Automation

Content Management
Up to 25 Templates

Up to 50 Templates

Up to 100 Templates
List Management
10 Lists

20 Lists

50 Lists
Personalized SMS and Email Campaigns -
Drag and Drop Email Builder -
Drip Campaigns/Sequences -
Data Target Creation - -
Landing Page Editor - -

Customer Support and Success

Ticket Creation -
Manually - Calls, and Emails

Manually - Calls, Emails and APIs
Ticket Assignment -
Ticket Prioritization -
Ticket Categorization -
Ticket Status Tracking -
Ticket Notifications -
Ticket Auto Reply -
Ticket Status Updation -
SLA Management -
SLA Timing Configuration

SLA Timing and Group Configruation
Ticket Routing - -
Smart Routing with Auto Call Connection
Escalations - -
Renewal Management - -
Auto Payment Follow-ups - -
360-View of Customer Journey - -

Advanced Automation for Enhanced Productivity

Two-Factor Authentication
Follow-ups and Task Reminders -
Email Notifications -
Journey Automation -
1 - Journey

3 - Journeys


Direct and Webhooks
Up to 2 Direct Sources

Up to 3 Direct/Webhook Sources

Up to 5 Direct/Webhook Sources
Real-time Data Synchronization - -

Mobile App for On-field Teams

Access Lead and Customer Details -
Update Lead and Customer Details -
Communicate with Leads and Customers -
Geo-Tracking -
Accuracy upto 1km

Accuracy upto 1km
Punch-In/Punch-Out -

Report and Analytics

Custom Lead Dashboard
Email Campaign Reports
SMS Campaign Reports
Call Logs -
Call Recordings -
Ticket Dashboard -
Team Productivity Report - -
Lead Stage Dashboard - -
Customer Success Dashboard - -
Comparison Report - -

Additional Benefits

Free Email Credits 100 Emails /month/account 500 Emails /month/account 1000 Emails /month/account


  1. Mentioned pricing are exclusive of taxes.
  2. Additional charges applicable beyond limit.
  3. Any customizations will be changed additionally.
  4. Customization charges will be applicable.
  5. One Time Setup will be charged for Sapling & Tree Plans.

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Enrich your Plans with RevOps-enabling Additional features

Advanced Workflow Automation

Automate and streamline operations and customer journeys with advanced workflow automation. Implement personalized Email, SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp engagement across customer journeys. Auto update lead data fields, assign tasks, and many more.

Marketing Campaign

LeadBox auto-captures CPL & other campaign details for each lead. This helps know the prospects better. The sales team can leverage marketing intent for personalized pitches. Real-time insights empower marketing optimization through sales conversations.

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Target Management

Set goals and timelines and keep real-time track of the achievement and performance of the sales team. Build a culture of accountability and healthy competition and boost sales.

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Advanced Lead Telephony Insights

Get complete telephony insights on every lead:

First Conversation Insights

  • First Dialed At
  • First Dialed TAT
  • First Connected At
  • First Connected TAT

Last Conversation Insights

  • Last Dialed At
  • Last Dialed TAT

Conversation Insights

  • Dialed
  • Answered
  • Unanswered
  • Repeated Answered

Since Last Conversation Insights

  • Since Last Dialed
  • Since Last Connected
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With Corefactors, Reduce cost by 75%

Sales Force Automations

Marketing Automations

Ticketing System for Customer Support

Customer Success Management

Inbuilt Cloud Telephony with Unlimited Calling


₹ 50,400 / User / Year


Sales & Marketing

₹ 60000


IVR Number

₹ 30000



₹ 113380



₹ 203,380 / User / Year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free trial is typically given for 7 days to 15 days for the business. We will configure the features according to the packages selected to have a handhold of the platform. With this relevant training materials(video) will be shared. For any queries, you can reach our Support team 18 X 7 over email or call.

The Payment modes we accept are - Bank Transfers ( IMPS/ NEFT), Credit Card and UPI Payments.

Yes, it's a simple process. For plan change, 1. You can reach out to the customer success manager. 2. You can write an email to  3. You can call 08067335577 and press 1 or raise ticket by sending an email to

AI CRM is a SaaS product and hosted in AWS & GCP. We have the following measures to ensure data security
1. IP based application access.
2. Data access control (Export, Delete, Forward & Data Masking)
3. Two Factor authentication

The subscription will stop working on expiry date. You will receive notifications about the expiry over SMS/Email/Call. You will be able to renew the services once you login to the application.

If you wish to cancel your account, you should notify us within 15 days (refund period) of service activation (via an email to or contact your account manager). You will get a refund (excluding 25% fee for setup activities) on the product package subscription. If you have purchased any channel credits, it will be refunded based on the usage. Any customization charges paid will not be refunded.

If you wish to cancel your account after 15 days (full refund period), you will get a refund on the product package subscription on a usage (prorate) basis. For example, if you have subscribed for 6 months subscription and used services for 3 months, you will get a refund for the remaining 3 months. If you have purchased any channel credits, it will be refunded based on the usage. Any customization charges paid will not be refunded.

Prorated refund will be calculated on monthly basis i.e If cancellation is requested on the 1st day of the subscription month, the full month will be considered for billing and service will be available to consume till the end of the billing month.

Upon cancellation, your data will be deleted from our servers. Since deletion of all data is final please be sure that you download/export all data that you may want before requesting for cancellation.