With Teleduce Save INR 29040

Capture & Distribute leads from 30+ Sources

Follow up leads with Inbuilt SMS/Email/Calls/Whatsapp

Sales Automation to convert more leads.

Running multichannel campaigns, design landing pages and generate leads

Resolve customers queries faster.

Post Sales - Built exclusively for Indian Post Sales Teams to Retain more customers


INR 14400/User/Year



INR 8640



INR 12000


IVR Number

INR 10800



INR 12000



INR 43440

Per user per year with basic plan

Pricing plans crafted especially for your business

sms icon SMS:

email icon Email:

call credits icon Call Credits:

users icon Users:


/ Months

(with 10% discount)


This is our most affordable pack to get started.



  • Auto clean and manage, 25k Contacts.
  • Content Colloboration - 10 Templates
  • Free Credits: 100 SMS and Email Credits Per Account

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster)

  • Capture, Distribute and Manage leads
  • Communicate over SMS,Email,Whatsapp
  • Task Management
  • Third-party Integration - 3
  • Notifications - SMS/Email/Webpush
  • Mobile app access

    Marketing Box

    (Plan & Start your marketing activities)

  • Campaigns over SMS and Emails.
  • Landing page editor-Design 3 pages

    Support Box

    (Support Customers 24x7)

  • Capture tickets from Emails
  • Ticket Dispatch and Management
  • Communicate with customers over SMS/Email/Whatsapp
  • Field Customisation
  • Notifications - SMS and Emails

    Success Box

    (Manage Customers)

  • Manage customer data
  • SMS and Email communication

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Basic Dashboard - All four boxes
  • Geo Tracking Dashboard of field sales team


62% of our clients choose this plan with built-in cloud telephony.



  • Seed+
  • 50k Contacts, 50 Templates
  • Free Credits: 500 SMS, Email and Call Credits per Account
  • 1 Virtual/IVR Number per Account with Sticky agent
  • Two Factor Authentication

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster on Auto Mode)

  • Seed+
  • Distribute Leads Automatically
  • Auto-suggested tasks to improve productivity
  • Multiple lead sources integration - 5
  • Auto call connection with leads & inbuilt calling solution
  • Sales Automation
  • Role Management

    Marketing Box

    (Automate and track the metrics)

  • Seed+
  • Design 5 Pages
  • Missed Call and Two Way SMS Solution
  • Marketing Automation

    Support Box

    (Support Customers on Auto Mode)

  • Seed+
  • Capture tickets from Call logs or landing pages as well
  • Automatic ticket creation via API
  • Distribute tickets automatically
  • Notifications - WhatsApp
  • Inbuilt call center solution
  • Create Groups and Teams
  • Configure TAT

    Success Box

    (Retain Customers on Auto Mode)

  • Connect with invoicing and POS systems
  • Cross-sell/up-sell to customers via SMS & Email Campaigns.
  • Inbuilt calling feature for Post Sales Team
  • Analyze customer metrics - ARR, MRR, Attrition, LTV
  • Two levels of Hierarchy

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Seed+
  • Productivity Dashboard
  • Call Dashboard and Insights


Multiple communication channels & advanced reporting.



  • Sapling+
  • Unlimited Contacts and Templates.
  • Free Credits: 1000 SMS, Email, Call Credits Per User
  • 1 Virtual/IVR Number per User along with Live call transfer

    Sales Box

    (Sell Faster, Scale Faster)

  • Sapling +
  • Multiple lead sources integration - Upto 10
  • Advance lead distribution based on location, pincode, agents and more...
  • Customised lead scoring
  • Sales Automation - Custom and API Support
  • Capture social signals of leads.
  • Mobile CRM - Both Andriod and IOS
  • Various levels of hierarchy
  • Advanced sales notifications

    Marketing Box

    (Build Your Brand)

  • Sapling+
  • Access to Unlimited Landing Page Editor Templates
  • Marketing Automation - Custom and API Support
  • Integrate reports from all marketing channels.

    Support Box

    (Delight Customers)

  • Sapling+
  • CSAT Score over calls
  • Create Departments
  • Configure multiple levels of SLA & TAT

    Success Box

    (Retain Customers with Insights)

  • Sapling+
  • Customer retention and attrition insights
  • Post Sales Automation

    Dashboards and Analytics

  • Sapling+
  • Marketing Dashboard - Visualise ROI
  • Comparsion Dashboard of Sales Team
  • Visualise 360 Degree View of Customer
  • CSAT Dashboard


Try Our Remote Working Plans

IVR setup suitable for your businesses to work remotely.

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Connect with prospects or customers globally

Connect with prospects or customers globally

Zero lead leakage

Zero lead leakage

Cost effective

Cost effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing, selling and supporting customers with no dip in customer experience can be challenging. But with Teleduce you can embrace the new normal with marketing Automation, Sales CRM, Customer Success, Support Management with Inbuilt Communications. We bring you Inbuilt cloud Telephony that works and feels the same even in remote working. Connect, engage with your customers anywhere and anytime with Teleduce IVR services.

Freemium is a combination of Free + Premium package with the validity of 1 year to use. Here you will get one user access. With this plan you can Create manual leads, You can customise (Stages, Fields, Dashboards) according to your company needs, One can create tasks for follow ups and also access to lead box reports (CRM).

Free trial is typically given for 7 days to 15 days for the business. We will configure the features according to the packages selected to have a handhold of the platform. With this relevant training materials(video) will be shared. For any queries, you can reach our Support team 18 X 7 over email or call.

The Payment modes we accept are - Bank Transfers ( IMPS/ NEFT), Credit Card and UPI Payments.

Yes, it's a simple process. For plan change, 1. You can reach out to the customer success manager. 2. You can write an email to sales@corefactors.in  3. You can call 08067335577 and press 1 or raise ticket by sending an email to ticket@corefactors.in

Teleduce is a SaaS product and hosted in AWS & GCP. We have following measures to ensure data security
1. IP based application access.
2. Data access control (Export, Delete, Forward & Data Masking)

The subscription will stop working on expiry date. You will receive notifications about the expiry over SMS/Email/Call. You will be able to renew the services once you login to the application.

If you wish to cancel your account, you should notify us within 15 days (refund period) of service activation (via an email to support@corefactors.in or contact your account manager). You will get a refund (excluding 25% fee for setup activities) on the Teleduce product package subscription. If you have purchased any channel credits, it will be refunded based on the usage. Any customization charges paid will not be refunded.

If you wish to cancel your account after 15 days (full refund period), you will get a refund on Teleduce product package subscription on usage (prorate) basis. For example, if you have subscribed for 6 months subscription and used services for 3 months, you will get a refund for remaining 3 months. If you have purchased any channel credits, it will be refunded based on the usage. Any customization charges paid will not be refunded.

Prorated refund will be calculated on monthly basis i.e If cancellation is requested on 1st day of the subscription month, full month will be considered for billing and service will be available to consume till end of the billing month.

Upon cancellation, your data will be deleted from our servers. Since deletion of all data is final please be sure that you download/export all data that you may want before requesting for cancellation.