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Capture Leads, Distribute and Nurture them to Convert Faster

SalesBox Capture Leads

Capture Leads

Capture leads from various sources such as social media, marketplaces, and more. Access leads’ information in the Lead Box.

Assign Leads

Manual or auto-assign leads to the correct sales executive according to their location, lead source, or based on your business requirements. Reduce lead leakage.

Nurture Leads

Reduce lead response time with instant auto-call connection and follow up with the leads via multiple such as SMS, email, calls, and WhatsApp.

SalesBox Sales Reminder

Sales Reminder and Notification

Get instant notification and reminders to follow-up with the leads. Ensure timely follow-up with Task Manager.

SalesBox Leadmanagement

Manage Leads

Manage and track leads’ progress effectively at every step of the prospect journey.

Create Notes

Create quick notes while interacting with the leads. Access the notes in the Lead Box and edit or delete them as per your need.

SalesBox SalesAutomation

Sales Automation

Trigger pre-configured automated emails, SMS or calls based on the lead sources or lead stages. Move the leads closer to conversion.

Recommended Leads

Determine whether the leads need to be fast-tracked to the final stage of sales or nurtured further.

Mobile CRM Icon

Mobile CRM

Sell faster on the go with the Teleduce mobile app. Get immediate field updates and manage time effectively.

Why ISM?

Why Integrated Software?

An integrated software helps your sales, marketing, support, and success teams to work together towards a unified goal. An integrated platform gives a seamless experience from lead capturing to customer retention. Now you can sell faster, scale faster, and resolve faster.


A Sales CRM helps you to capture, assign, manage, and convert your prospects into leads.

Yes, with Sales CRM you can automate your complete sales process from lead capturing to lead conversion.

Yes, small businesses can use Sales CRM for managing the sales workflow efficiently.

An integrated sales CRM will help you in managing your sales team towards a unified goal. A unified goal leads to sell faster.

Sales CRM includes inbuilt cloud telephony, productivity report, telecalling, and 360-degree prospect view.

Yes, you can manage your sales team or field sales team realtime across various locations along with geo tracking reports.

The ideal team size for using Sales CRM can be as low as 2 to 3 people.

Yes! You can try Sales CRM for 7 days with free trial.


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Why Teleduce?

Why Teleduce?


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