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Ticket creation over Email, Forms, Landing Pages, Calls, API, and more.

Ticket status customizations without limitations.

Central Repository for all the Tickets and Logs/History.

Ticket transfer and Notification on SLA Breach.

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Why Your Business Needs A Customer Support Software

Tickets Via Various Sources

Create or Receive tickets from call logs, email, and landing pages.

Pre Configure auto reply via SMS/Email/Whatsapp for tickets.

Instant Notifications.

Automate Ticket Assignments

Auto-assign tickets department-wise.

Follow up with them via inbuilt communications SMS/Email/Calls/Whatsapp.

Receive notifications for unresolved customer queries.

Support Dashboard

Get complete visibility of Open, Overdue, High Priority, Closed and other tickets

Track customer support metrics and agent productivity.

Call recording and dashboard with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

SLA Alerts and Escalation

Set SLA notification and escalation to create events.

Configure multiple SLAs and define them as per the ticket priority.

Manage different business scenarios effectively.

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