Steps For An Incredible Sales Discovery Call

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Steps For An Incredible Sales Discovery Call

Sales Discovery Call can be a crucial deciding factor while making a decision to proceed with the lead or not.

For ensuring success in closing a deal or getting a sale, the sales discovery call has to be effective. But ensuring its effectiveness is not a cakewalk. 

The main problem that sales reps usually face here is that they do not always know what right questions can fetch the right answers.

As a result, they often end up going straight to the demo instead of steadily building up the healthy relation or urgency for purchase.

Sales leaders also often fall short when it comes to mentoring their reps or do not care to go through multiple calls to take hints from the lead behavior and improve in the long run.

The Sales Discovery Process Should Ideally Follow These Steps

sales discovery call process
  1. Prepare the strategies beforehand and set up a role-playing session
  2. Get the Sales Discovery Calls Recorded
  3. Setting the Agenda and Getting Prospect Buy-In
  4. Asking Questions of Different Levels
  5. Introducing a narrative
  6. Working on closing the call
  7. Coach, get to learning and repeat the entire process

Prepare the Strategies Beforehand and Set Up a Role-playing Session

It is important to realize that without rehearsing, a sales call can ideally not turn successful. So before going for a call, it is recommended that you work with a mentor, get tips, and work on the questions that need to be asked.

Once this is done, make assumptions of the objections that may arise and prepare suitable responses based on those. 

Always ensure to go back to the recorded calls and catch on to things that might have gone wrong or negative aspects that you could have avoided to make the call successful.

Get the Discovery Calls Recorded

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of recording discovery calls. It is not humanly possible to remember the whole conversation and keep scribbling notes while on the call.

In addition, recording the calls will give you the perfect scope and opportunity to go back to the calls and examine the ups and downs.

Finally, sales agents can use these calls later on for coaching others and use them as examples of what to do and what not to do.

Setting the Agenda and Getting Prospect Buy-In

The main problem in a Sales Discovery call can be starting on the wrong note.

Many sales reps often start with a host of questions that the customer may not be expecting at the moment.

As a result, the real purpose of the call is not properly communicated to the customer.

So, the best way here is to start with a plan to make the prospect realize the potential of the service to meet his expectations and drive the call towards the sales process.

You have to remember that it is all about discovering, learning, and building value.

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Asking Questions of Different Levels

Discovering is all about asking questions and listening at the same time.

Remember that there are at least three levels of questions that you might ask the prospect during the call and close the deal.

The different levels of questions will be based on how the prospect responded to the questions of the previous level and so on.

Introducing a Narrative

Storytelling and narratives are the perfect way to convince a prospect.

However, remember that the prospect will not take decisions on your idea of right and wrong.

Rather, past instances of a similar kind with similar people, when narrated properly, will work wonders in convincing him to favor your objectives.

It is also the reason why case studies and testimonials are trending so much nowadays.

Working on Closing the Call

A sales discovery call will only be successful if you can close it by driving the prospect towards the next level.

All you have to do then is summarize the particular areas that will be of interest to the prospect.

The assumptive close and the prospect-buy-in close both are wonderful ways to close a call towards success.


Coach, Get to Learning and Repeat the Entire Process

So as discussed already, once you have recorded the calls, you have to repeatedly go back to them and analyze what went right or wrong.

Learn from the calls, coach others with the help of your learning, and continue the process towards perfection.

Since no two cases might be the same, these learnings can create a base for you to work on the different calls and see how you can handle each case differently based on past experiences.

Use Teleduce for Excellent Sales Discovery Call?

Compared to other available Sales CRM, Teleduce is quite different. Because it provides you the Cloud Telephony Feature.

In this feature, as soon as you receive the lead, Teleduce captures it, and then through Cloud Telephony, Teleduce will call the assigned sales agent (to whom the lead is assigned). After that, Teleduce will make a Cloud telephony call to the lead. 

Due to this auto-call feature provided by Teleduce, the chances are you will be the first one (as a sales agent) to talk with the lead before it gets cold.

You can ask for their details or get to know whether the lead is the right prospect or not.

Thus, Teleduce helps you save time and refrains you from putting efforts in the wrong place.

Moreover, as a lead management system, Teleduce helps to increase your chances of becoming the first person to talk with the potential lead.

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Here are the steps you can follow for a sales discovery call at Teleduce:

Step 1: Go to the Lead Box Feature

Lead Box in Teleduce

Step 2: Go to the NEW LEAD option, and the following window will open

add new lead in teleduce

Step 3: Enter all the asked details for better results. After that, the lead will be added, showing up on the Lead Box main page.

Step 4: Next, hover the cursor over the Actions option, and it will show you a menu containing options like call, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. You can click on the call to directly call through cloud telephony to the lead and start the conversation.

Lead Actions in Teleduce

We suggest you explore Teleduce as much as possible to get a better hold of this Integrated CRM software and leverage it.

Final Words

There can be no fool-proof way to make sure that a Sales Discovery Call will be a success.

However, there are ample ways to increase the probability of the same.

So take note of the tips, work your way through the steps, and we are sure that you will soon realize the difference they will make in your future Sales Discovery Calls.