Inbound SMS

How Inbound-SMS Works?

Run your Mass Marketing Campaigns with our long code/short code which helps to collect end users data in a single SMS. Our solution helps you to auto engage, segment data and build your opt in list. Inbound SMS can be used in different scenarios to receive requests/any information over an SMS. Our platform also support custom flow of engagements.

Platform allows you to analyse the received data where you can build analytics and take better decisions.


Configure reply & engagement messages, Opt-in & Opt-out configuration, Notify users when campaigns getting interest, Engage users over email if email is sent over a message, Manage Multiple Keywords and Campaigns


Respond to inbound messages instantly over SMS, Call them back in a single click, Identify responded messages with color codes, View responded messages, mark a message as read, Add Inbound Messages as Leads or Contacts

Use Cases

Collect end user data when you run Mass Marketing Campaigns, Receive feedback about your service/products from your customers, Run custom process when you receive an SMS in a specified format, Broadcast the Inbound Message to stake holders.

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