Marketing Technologies for Educational Institutions

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Education is a dynamic service industry with its needs growing by the minute every day. Huge market, heavy competition and high quality standards make the education segment a very energetic one requiring innovative marketing.

Why Marketing Technologies are a must for educational institutions?

  1. India’s student population currently stands at 315 million. Educational institutions have to tap this huge market using effective marketing technologies.
  2. Although students and parents surf the net and search for educational institutions, they still rely on personal communication. This is why SMS and Voice Telephony are most effective for educational institutions to reach their customers.
  3. With 760 Universities and 38,498 colleges (in the year 2014-15), heavy competition exists which require educational institutions to promote themselves effectively using efficient marketing technologies.

Why Marketing technologies are a must for Educational Institutions?

1. Bulk Messaging via SMS

Every year, there is a huge exodus of children passing out from their 10th and 12th classes and seeking college education to their liking. Apart from this, schools also admit new students every year for their primary and secondary education. This only proves that there is an evergreen need for educational institutions.
To tap this extensive market, every educational institution needs to use a Bulk Messaging Service like SMS+ from Corefactors Teleduce. This marketing technology not only sends SMS to users but provides them a ready response option like a missed call and records their replies. It also gathers and collates all the user data to maintain a customer database. Using this, reporting and post-campaign analysis can be easily done. Maximum leads can be generated at very low budgets using SMS+.

2. Voice SMS

Apart from this, Voice SMS can also be used for native and local audiences where pre-recorded messages can be sent to get their quick response. This automated option can be customized with time scheduling, retry, repeat, DNC filtering etc. Educational institutions can use Voice SMS to help students select from a list of courses or departments and evince their interest accordingly. Example - an online maths tutor can also benefit from using Voice SMS to send personalized reminders or quick math problem-solving challenges to engage with students effectively.

3. Inbound SMS

Apart from this, educational institutions can use campaigns and quizzes to generate interest among students. For this, inbound SMS marketing is the best. This not only creates interest and gets assured responses but also helps to create a permanent database for the future.

4. Voice Telephony

Educational institutions use Lead generation websites to provide leads to build their database of prospective students. Every lead given, must be instantly followed by with a voice call. If the user is not available, a message should be sent intimating the contact attempt. Calls have to be recorded and followed up several times for closing the deal. Though this requires persistent efforts with proper scheduling, Voice Telephony is highly effective in lead conversion if a proper connecting tool is used like Corefactors Connectz.
Corefactors Connectz acts as a mini CRM by syncing with lead generation websites and initiating call attempts for each lead. It also maintains a queuing system to switch to next salesperson or redial if the person is busy. It gives a complete report of the calls, helping the institution to analyze the call history.

5. Lead Analytics

Most parents and students do an initial web search for educational institutions. Every institution must have a dynamic SEO optimized website so as to gain good traffic. The institution must analyze the website traffic as well as the results of the online campaigns. It must also have a complete picture of the lead conversions from multiple channels to decide which marketing technique works best.
Corefactors Teleduce helps to analyze leads, campaign performance, lead ROI etc and provide a comprehensive report. Using this, institutions can regulate their marketing campaigns to get maximum efficiency.

6. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a must for educational institutions to communicate with prospective students and promote their courses. Corefactors Teleduce is the best for email marketing with its autoresponder, click-to-call, web version and landing page widgets that ensure maximum ROI from emails.

Corefactors Teleduce for Educational institutions

Corefactors Teleduce is ideal as a marketing technology for educational institutions because it is an

  1. Integrated Marketing tool that functions as a CRM, Lead and Campaign Management Software
  2. Automated Marketing technology that helps to launch and track bulk SMS campaigns
  3. Innovative platform that can be integrated with IVR, SMS, Emails and other campaigns to expedite business communication
  4. Effective technology with SMS, Email Marketing, Voice Telephony and Landing Page Optimization options to enable multi-channel communication.

Choose Corefactors Teleduce to get personalized and optimized marketing results for your educational institutions.
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