The Ultimate Sales Guide: Ideas, Tools, and Techniques to Succeed

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Ever since man learnt to communicate, he has been into sales- selling himself, his abilities and his product offerings. Sales has become a hyped mantra that the business world spins around. Sales gurus have propounded theories of “Sales funnels”, “Sales prospecting”, “Pipeline Management” and so on. But really, what exactly is this sales journey and what tools do we need to succeed in sales? Let us take a look.

How to maximize sales opportunities with effective sales tools?

1. Collating Leads

The sales process commences with leads. Leads are the contacts who evince interest in your brand or product through awareness from your online or offline marketing channels. Leads are acquired organically (by themselves) or from paid lead generation websites like Justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart etc.
The first step in identifying sales opportunities is to collate the leads generated from different channels using a LeadBox like the one from Corefactors Teleduce.
This Lead box collects the leads, removes duplicates and initiates instant contact with the leads through SMS, Email or voice calls. It also tracks and maintains a history of the conversations in order to score the leads and identify the prospects.
Corefactors LeadBox has a unified dashboard that helps to monitor all leads at a single glance. Over 400 companies are currently using the Corefactors Teleduce Lead Box for managing > 200,000 leads every day.

2. Identifying Prospects

Not all leads conform to the persona of the target buyer and those leads which do, are called “prospects”.
Now in order to avoid time wasted in running after false leads, the ideal approach would be to sort and classify leads into prospects. This can be done effectively using a List Manager like the one from Corefactors’ Teleduce.
A List Manager is an absolute must to categorize the contacts using predefined parameters, weed out the wasteful ones and segregate them into targeted lists. The targeted lists are sorted on the basis of certain variables like location, demographics, or buying preferences etc . These lists are then converted to mailing lists for email marketing campaigns or distributed to sales executives for further follow-up. This type of targeted listing achieves microtargeting with assured results.

3.Contacting potential customers

Collecting and sorting leads and prospects alone is not enough. Contacting them to convert them into potential customers is the most important step. Corefactors’ Connectz is a tool used to connect instantly to the customer on receiving the lead from the lead generation website. Connectz is an efficient tool that connects to the customer by voice call instantly and if the customer is not available, it generates a predefined SMS to inform the customer about the contact attempt. It also maintains record of the call attempts and generates alerts for further follow-up. with its automatic queuing system, no customer is left waiting as it switches the call to the next available executive if the contacted one is busy. By syncing with Lead generation websites like Commonfloor, 99Acres, Practo etc., Connectz helps to maximize contact attempts and sales conversions.

4. Monitoring the follow-ups and closing the sales

Your lead has been generated and you made contact with the potential customer. So what’s next? Monitoring the sales process, initiate further follow-up through SMS or Email and finally closing the sales. All this requires an efficient ISM like Corefactors’ Teleduce. Teleduce seamlessly integrates the functionality of a ISM with a Lead and Campaign Manager while offering a unified dashboard for lead tracking, multi-channel communication and marketing analytics. Its dashboard offers a complete view of the sales process, helping team managers to track and evaluate sales ROI and make changes. It enables one click communication with customers which helps in quick closing of sales. Its reliable data collection and analytical reporting helps in making crucial decisions in the marketing campaigns. Teleduce is the best choice for Automated Lead and Campaign Management as it is a ISM, List, Lead and Campaign Manager rolled into one.
Sales as a process, is more dynamic than ever due to better awareness of the customer through online content. In such a scenario, sales prospecting has to be done meticulously by marketing through various channels, identifying the prospects and following them up instantly and engaging their interest to convince and convert them. All this requires a set of robust sales tools by your side like Corefactors Teleduce that will help you to maximize sales opportunities efficiently and effortlessly.