5 Marketing Tools That Every Spa and Salon Should Have

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Beauty business is big business. Yes, this is one line of business which always has takers. So if you have a spa or salon with good professional service, you are bound to be with your hands full. You must be on a tight schedule handling customers, delegating staff, replenishing supplies, planning new strategies for marketing.
With such busy schedules, every spa and salon must have a list of marketing tools like these to maximize its productivity and revenue.

The “must-have” Marketing tools for Spas and salons

1. Customer Profiler

A spa or salon operates on customer satisfaction or user experience. So the first thing a spa or salon needs is a customized Customer Profiler software that can enrich the user experience. This Customer Profiler will maintain a complete record of the customer – his basic contact information, service preferences, purchase history, transaction details etc. Using this customer profile, it is easier to interact with the customer based on previous experiences.
The Customer Profiler software specially designed for spas and salons will help in not only maintaining customer records but also initiating discounts or offers to new customers or awarding loyalty benefits to existing ones. This software can be easily integrated with the Point-of-Sale systems and Sales databases to get the best results.
Using a Customer Profiler like the one from CoreFactors helps the salon or spa to interact better with customers and develop stronger relationships.

2. List Manager

Creating a list of customers is vital for spas and salons whose business runs mainly on customer loyalty and retention. Sorting the client database and individual lists of potential or prospective customers, reached customers or customers who need follow-up can be done efficiently using the List Manager. This helps to bring clarity in planning for marketing activities and aids in identifying the untapped customers easily. These lists come handy while creating promotional campaigns with discounts and offers for new clients or for offering loyalty benefits for existing customers. The use of an effective List Manager like the one from CoreFactors helps the spa to segregate its customers and create separate lists.

3. Lead Manager

Gone are the days when spas and salons survived on just walk-in enquiries. Today enquiries have to be generated through lead generation sites like JustDial or Sulekha to create a new customer base. Once the leads come in, the spa or salon would need a Lead Manager to classify and score the leads to decide which to attend first and then relegate them to their staff.
Leads also need to be nurtured, monitored and tracked to be fully converted. A Lead Manager like Lead Box from CoreFactors helps to maintain all records of leads and manage them efficiently for use in various marketing campaigns.

4. Instant Lead Connector

In the current marketplace, competition is high among spas and salons with one beauty outlet at every corner. Responding to leads immediately gives spas and salons the cutting edge over their competition. This can only be done by using an Instant Lead Connector software like Connectz from CoreFactors. This software helps you to instantly connect to the SMS lead received by the lead generation website and maintains records of the call. For unavailable contacts, it generates a predefined SMS about the contact attempt. With automatic queuing of calls, Connectz allows the spa or salon to connect to new leads effortlessly, acting also as a slim CRM.

5. Campaign Management Tool

Establishing their presence in social media is vital for beauty specialists like spas and salons. Running campaigns on Instagram or Facebook about their periodic offers keeps a live stream of customers flowing in. But managing all these campaigns and integrating them with your CRM and lead management is difficult. Instead if you use a Campaign management tool like Teleduce from CoreFactors, you have a unified dashboard to give a 360˚ view of the customers and your campaigns.
Teleduce is a unique platform from CoreFactors that seamlessly integrates the functionality of CRM, Lead Management, Multi-Channel Marketing and Communication with Campaign Management. At a fraction of the price of its competitors, Teleduce offers more results with greater benefits.
Marketing, Communication, Analysis, Reporting- everything is a part of Teleduce. Right from Lead Scoring to Lead follow-up using SMS, Voice or Emails, Social Media Integration, Landing Page Optimization, Basic SEO to Content Generation Templates- CoreFactors’ Teleduce has it all to optimize your performance.
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