Landing Pages

What is Landing Page?

It is a common understanding that Landing page is any web page where visitors land thru any promotion activities. Ideally it is not. Landing page is a standalone webpage that is used along with any digital marketing/promotion activities where visitor land with a purpose of action i.e enquire, signup, buy, download, etc...

It is intuitive and simple enough for increasing conversion rates of most digital campaigns like Adwords, Email, SMS, Social Media, etc..

Usually company’s website home page will have more action links like different pages of products/ services, contact us, about us, Jobs, etc. But landing page shall have one action link that ensures the visitor action.

Landing pages are one page summary of your promotion that provide visitors all the information they required.


Increases conversions thru paid campaigns

Helps to collect data for email campaigns

Directs visitor to the right information

Improves SEO & ranking

Integrated with SMS & Email Marketing

Quick & live results

"Create Landing Pages quickly using Teleduce drag and drop builder"


Landing Page Editor


Landing Page Template


Landing Page Campaign

With Teleduce, it is easy to create, clone and edit landing pages. So marketers can create unique landing pages for every promotion quickly. Landing pages created in Teleduce are responsive by default, so it can be provide consistent view across devices without a change. Teleduce landing pages improves marketers productivity by 40% and enables more than 70% conversion rates.


Build responsive landing pages
Configure thank you or any response messages
Get notified on action/submission
Deploy and run quickly
No developers/coding needed
More than 20 templates to choose

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