Virtual Phone/IVR

Virtual Phone/IVR is a technology to support business communication scale faster and track better. It also helps to create a professional image and make sure no calls are missed. With our state of the art business communication infrastructure & solution, discover a powerful and convenient way to connect with your customers and prospects without infrastructure worries.

Virtual Phone/Toll free can be assisted with welcome music, IVR, missed call, SMS/Emails, feedback and other communication options. Importantly Corefactors offers custom solutions, so you can customize according to your usage and business needs. Our core technical team has expertise in building complex business use cases.

Corefactors offers Toll-free, Virtual Mobile and Direct Inward Dialing numbers that lets your leads responds to your Ads just by giving a missed call. Corefactors is not just campaign based; it’s an ongoing way to engage with your Leads. Promote Corefactors Number on your Website, Business Cards; Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Banners, Online Ads, etc. Media tracking to measure effectiveness: You can promote a different Corefactors Number on different medium to track response rate from different mediums. Benefits to you:

Intuitive Call Logs
Productivity Report by Telecaller/Receiver
Dial/Receive from Web/Mobile
Record Conversation for Training and Monitoring
Personalized Call Experience
  • Include Corefactors Number in all your existing promotions
  • Toll-free number with no installation required
  • Hassle free call traffic and routing management
  • High availability & capacity toll free numbers
  • Easy management of incoming requests: Call-back leads at your convenience
  • Mini CRM to track leads and manage conversion process
  • Real-time data in your own CRM system via API integration
  • OTP grade high priority SMS delivery.

We understand, you have a team of 10 to 50 and needs to offer a communication platform to your team to run your business daily. We know that, you manage your leads in an excel sheet and there is no track whether your sales team is communicating effectively. Being a small team, you may not have enough technical capability to integrate your marketing sources, daily business communications and lead management.

Here it is, Teleduce, the business communication platform offers Marketing , Lead Management and Daily Communication Solutions. Platform offers Digital Marketing Solutions, Tracking & Engagement features and Supports Integration with Multiple Lead Sources. Our state of the Art Lead Management solution helps to Manage the Leads Effortlessly, Supports Lead Prioritizing, Assign and Manage with in the Team.

Teleduce has Document, Task and Calendar Management features for your team to share and manage daily business tasks within the platform.

All above, helps business owners to build analytics to monitor and derive views of communication data. Analytics helps to take decision faster and wiser.

Eventually, you will never run behind multiple vendors for your Marketing & Communication, you may never need to pay multiple bills and you can drill down(derive, compare, go depth, listen and much more) your communication data and take decisions faster.