What’s New in Teleduce? How it Can Help in your business?

Webinar By Ms. Meena Halubai, Customer Success Manager, Corefactors

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Date: 2nd July 2020

Time: 3:00 PM IST

Duration: 60 Minutes

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About The Webinar

Get insights from our Customer Success Manager, Ms. Meena Halubai about the latest features of Teleduce.

You'll Learn

  • How to search and manage your list more efficiently in list management.
  • How to send WhatsApp messages in Lead Box.
  • How you can upload multiple transactions through the CSV import feature in Success Box.
  • How to use the new ticketing tool in your Teleduce application with Support Box.
  • Mobile app: Record all calls via the mobile app.

Meet Our Speaker


Ms. Meena Halubai
Business Development and Customer Success Manager - Corefactors

With experience in Business Development and Customer Success, Meena has helped Corefactors to grow its customer base. She closely works with the development team and has in-depth knowledge about our product Teleduce.